Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institut für Agrar- und Gartenbauwissenschaften

Can economic experiments help us understand environmental problems and solutions?

The goal of this multi-media exposition is to introduce to the public at large to economic experiments as applied in the field of environmental science and policy. Economic experiments provide great leverage to understand the individual and collective behavior of people vis-à-vis the use of natural resources and environmental problems. That is partially why this tool has become increasingly popular among social scientists and practitioners in the field in the last decades. The exposition will consist of: an introductory video to key concepts related to collective action in the context of water use in Colombia; two posters with results based on experiments run with regard to two different environmental problems in India; and the opportunity to participate in an experimental game.


Dieses Projekt wird Ihnen vorgestellt vom Fachgebiet Ressourcenökonomie