Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Resource Economics

Joint Projects

Research Projects in Progress



Completed Research Projects

  • HORTINLEA-IA (2013-2018)
    Institutional Arrangements in Horticulture and Collective Action along the Value Chain
  • Inimbio – Institutional Implications of the Development of the Bioeconomy (2017-2019)
  • NAREMACA (2015-2017)
    Natural Resource Management in Central Asia
  • ADAPTFISH-2 (2006-2010)
    Adaptive Dynamics and Management of Coupled Social-Ecological Systems Exemplified by Recreational Fisheries
  • ARC (2001-2003)
    The Changing Role of Agricultural Institutions and Farming: A Collaborative Project in Germany and United Kingdom
  • Bahro-Archive (1999-2006)
    Reworking the Scientific Bequest of Rudolf Bahro
  • CAPRI (2004-2007)
    Collective Action and Property Rights for Poverty Reduction
  • CEESA (2000-2003)
    Sustainable Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe
  • COOP (2010-2012)
    Support for Farmers' Cooperatives
    European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research
  • econCCadapt (2011-2014)
    Economics of Climate Change Adaptation - Integrating Economic Modeling and Institutional Analysis at Different Scales
  • ELaN (2011-2015)
    Development of an Integrated Approach to Land Management for Sustainable Use of Water and Matter in North-Eastern Germany, Sub-project 9 “Property Rights and Transactions”
  • European COST Project
    Land Reform and Farm Restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe
  • EPLR 2000-2003
    Evaluation of the Effects of the Compensatory Allowances in less Favoured Areas and Areas with Environment-Specific Requirements in Brandenburg within the Midterm-Review of the Development Plan for the Rural Areas in Brandenburg
  • Ethiopia (2003-2005)
    The Role of Local Level Institutions Towards Enhancing Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in Rural Ethiopia
  • GRANO (1998-2002)
    Approaches for a Sustainable Agricultural Production in North-eastern Germany (GRANO); Project group 1: Decentral evaluation and coordination mechanisms
  • GoCon (2008-2011)
    Governing Farmland Conversion in the Quest for Sustainability: A comparative study of China and Germany
  • Housing Co-operatives (2001-2005)
    Promotion of Membership in Housing Co-operatives as a Challenge for a Sustainable Development of Enterprises
  • INTRO-Organic Farming
    Institutions and Transaction Costs in Organic Farming
  • IDARI (2003-2005)
    Integrated Development of Agricultural and Rural Institutions in Central and Eastern European Countries
  • InDeCA (2013-2015)
    Designing Social Institutions in Transition: Promotion of Institutional Development for Common Pool Resources Management in Central Asia
  • ITAES (2004-2006)
    Integrated Tools to Design and Implement Agri-Environmental Schemes
  • KATO (1997-2002)
    Comparative Analysis of the Transition Process of the Agricultural Sector in Selected Central and Eastern European Countries
  • KSPW Regionale Strukturen im Wandel (1993-1996)
  • Third research and promotion period from the commission of research about the social and political changes in the new federal states of Germany
  • LABOR (2004-2007)
    Labour Organization and the Adoption of Integrated Pest Management
  • Land Use Conflicts (Spreewald) 2002-2003)
    Does Money Solve Land Use Conflicts? On Governance Problems of Agri-Environmental Support Programs
  • MEACAP (2004-2006)
    Impact of Environmental Agreements on the Common Agricultural Policy
  • MEGACITY 1 (2005-2008)
    Hyderabad as a Megacity of Tomorrow: Sustainable Urban Food and Health Security and Environmental Resource Management
  • MEGACITY 2 (2008-2013)
    Climate and Energy in a Complex Transition Process Towards Sustainable Hyderabad. Mitigation and adaptation strategies by changing institutions, governance structures, life styles and consumption patterns
  • MULTAGRI (2004-2005)
    Capitalisation of Research Results on the Multifunctionality of Agriculture and Rural Areas
  • PINE (Transcoop) (2002-2005)
    Promotion of Institutions for Natural Resource and Environmental Management in Central and Eastern Europe
  • RICIP (2011-2012)
    Sharing Water and Environmental Values: Peace Construction efforts in Cyprus
  • RSP (2007-2011)
    Making Rural Services Work for the Poor. The Role of Rural Institutions and their Governance for Agriculture-led Development
  • SASCHA (2011-2016)
    Sustainable Land Management and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change for the Western Siberian Corn-belt
  • SEAMLESS (2005-2009)
    A System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling; Linking European Science and Society
  • SENSOR (2004-2009)
    Sustainability Impact Assessment: Tools for Environmental, Social and Economic Effects of Multifunctional Land Use in European Regions
  • SIAG (2007-2010)
    FG 986: Structural Change in Agriculture - Sub-project 11: Cooperative and Hierarchical Forms of Institutional Change (SIAG)e
  • SOCO-CS (2007-2008)
    Soil conservation and policy measures: case studies (SoCo-CS)
  • SUNRISE (2009-2011)
    Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in an Institutional Perspective
  • SUTRA-Research Group: structural change and transformation in the agricultural sector (2003-2006)
    Sub-project TP 8: "Institutional Change of Water Regulation Systems
  • TERESA (2007-2009)
    Types of interaction between Economy, Rural Society, Environment and Agricultural activities in European regions
  • VIETNAM (2001-2004)
    Devolution of Forest Management in Vietnam


Projects Combining Teaching and Research

  • Support of Democracy in the Ukraine (2009)
    Topic: „Developing Multi-Level and Decentralized Implementation Capacity for Natural Resource Management and Environmental Policies: A contribution to polycentric governance in an emerging democracy“
  • Asia-Link RECREATE Project (2005-2008)
    Restructuring Higher Education in Resource and Environmental Economics in East-Asian Transition Economies
  • MACE (2006-2010)
    Moderne Landwirtschaft in Mittel- und Osteuropa (Marie Curie)
    European Integration - A Trainee Programme for Administrators in Agriculture and the Food Industry The Quality of Food: From the Soil to the Consumer
    The Quality of Food: From the Soil to the Consumer
  • Special Chair (1994-1999)
    Special Chair in “Socio-Economic Aspects of Transformation Processes in Central and Eastern European Agriculture“ at Wageningen University, The Netherlands