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Sharing Water and Environmental Values: Peace Construction efforts in Cyprus

Start: 06/2011
End: 02/2012

Water scarcity poses a significant risk to the stability of biological, social and economic systems´ security and yet, in spite of the challenge that such a condition creates, it also poses a unique opportunity to address common environmental problems as a unifying force, promoting collective action and cooperation at all levels. Cyprus presents an exceptional opportunity to investigate the possibility of using an environmental problem such as water scarcity (a severe issue for both Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities) as a medium to tackle the ongoing political division of the island and it provides an opportunity for peace building efforts from a different perspective. This project, building on previous research conducted by the applicants, aims to use scientific approaches developed within different disciplines that can foster collaboration rather than competition when tackling the water scarcity issue of Cyprus. Since the two sides share a common problem they will be given the option of collaborating to find a common solution. A wide spectrum of methodologies (water metabolism analysis, multi-criteria analysis, land-use science and natural resource assessment and deliberative governance) will be used to investigate possible collaborative scenarios. This project application seeks to build upon a preparatory stage for future bigger project proposals regarding the issue.

Researcher: M.Sc. Ourania Papasozomenou

Project Partner:

ICTA – Institute of Science and Technology for the Environment, Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, SPAIN 

Lead Overall Project: Prof. Mario Giampietro, ICREA Research Professor at ICTA– Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, SPAIN

Lead HU Sub-project: Dr. Dimitrios Zikos

Funding: AGAUR Agency for Management of University and Research Grants of Catalonia, Spain

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Zikos, D. and Sorman, A. (2011): Exploring the Political Implications of Experiments on Common Pool Resources, Presented in the 13th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC), Hyderabad, India from January 10th - 14th, 2011