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  • A Multitude of Voices Game Session at Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften June 22, 2024: The Resource Economics Group hosted an engaging and enjoyable session at the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften", featuring the game "A Multitude of Voices." Held at the Humboldt Forum, this game was developed as part of the Participatory Game Design study project within the Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) program. The game aims to raise awareness about the complexity of climate change-related issues and the necessity for interdisciplinary approaches. Participants, including experts, scientists, and students, found the session interactive and informative. The game involves balancing personal targets for each role within the city with collective strategies to protect the city against the risk of flash floods. It also highlighted the crucial role of democracy in addressing climate challenges, providing valuable insights and inspiration for further exploration of collaborative solutions. 01/07/2024
  • EAERE-Award for Angelika von Dulong - Best Dissertation 2024: Dr. Angelika von Dulong
    EAERE Award for Best Doctoral Dissertations in Environmental and Resource Economics


  • Rapid game design workshop on water and climate change in cities: The workshop was hosted by the Resource Economics Group to explore game design as a transdisciplinary integration method. Facilitated by Bruce Lankford, and organized by students, the 40 participants (experts from public administration and civil society, scientists and students) developed five board games on flash floods in urban areas. The workshop is part of the CliWaC project and a study project in Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM). 25/03/2024
  • Warming up for the IPCC special report on climate change and cities - February 2024: The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) was calling on its member governments and observer organizations to nominate experts who will draft the outline of the special report on climate change and cities. For warming up for the special report, Recource Economics Group co-organized a two day workshop on city typologies that brought together experts from all over the world in February 2024. 13/03/2024

  • Neues Buch - Klimawandel in Deutschland; beitragender Autor: Klaus Eisenack: Klaus Eisenack als beitragender Autor in: Brasseur, Guy P., Daniela Jacob, und Susanne Schuck-Zöller, Hrsg. Klimawandel in Deutschland: Entwicklung, Folgen, Risiken und Perspektiven. 2., Überarb. u. erw. Auflage 2023. Berlin: Springer Berlin, 2023. . 23/02/2024

  • EcoVisio aus Moldau, Kooperationspartner bei Projekten mit dem Klimaspiel Keep Cool, in der taz: Moldau gilt als das ärmste Land Europas. Trotzdem setzen sich hier immer mehr Menschen für den Klimaschutz ein. Auch weil das Land immer mehr den Klimawandel zu spüren bekommt. Ein Besuch in einem Ökodorf - TAZ vom 17. Januar 2024 17/01/2024
  • Die Zeit für fossile Kraftwerke läuft ab: Werden die Eigentümer zum Hindernis auf dem Weg zum Zwei-Grad-Klimaziel? Neue Studie analysiert, welche Kraftwerke vorzeitig abgeschaltet werden müssten und von welchen Eigentümern Widerstand gegen klimapolitische Maßnahmen zu erwarten ist. Siehe: Pressemitteilung. 03/01/2024
  • New Publication - Roggero, Fjornes, Eisenack (2023): Roggero, M., Fjornes, J., & Eisenack, K. (2023). Ambitious climate targets and emission reductions in cities: A configurational analysis. Climate Policy, 1–15. 03/01/2024
  • 6th Workshop on Archetype Analysis in Sustainability Research was largest so far (10.7.23): The 6th Workshop took place in Lund, Sweden, from June 7-9. More than 70 participants from about 30 countries presented the most recent methodological progress and current papers. Further publications were prepared in breakout sessions. 02/11/2023
  • New Publication - von Dulong, Angelika. 2023: Concentration of Asset Owners Exposed to Power Sector Stranded Assets May Trigger Climate Policy Resistance. Nature Communications 14 (1): 6442. . 17/10/2023
  • New Publication - von Dulong, Angelika, Alexander Gard-Murray, Achim Hagen, Niko Jaakkola, and Suphi Sen. 2023: Stranded Assets: Research Gaps and Implications for Climate Policy’. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 17 (1): 161–69. . 12/07/2023
  • Jesko Hirschfeld *im Interview mit der Zeit*: Hier geht viel mehr in Flammen auf: Prof. Dr. Jesko Hirschfeld - Gastprofessor in der Arbeitsgruppe Ressourcenökonomie - im Interview mit Marcus Rohwetter (Zeit 26/2023, 20/06/2023
  • Angelika von Dulong - Promotion abgeschlossen: Angelika von Dulong hat am 05.05.2023 ihre Doktorarbeit erfolgreich verteidigt. Das Thema der Dissertation lautet: „Modeling and empirically assessing climate policies and asset stranding: Patterns of policy-induced losses in the fossil fuel extraction, power, and financial sector”. 08/05/2023

  • New Publication - von Dulong, Angelika, Achim Hagen, Roman Mendelevitch, and Klaus Eisenack (2023): Buy Coal and Gas? Interfuel Carbon Leakage on Deposit Markets with Market Power. Energy Economics 117: 106434. . [open access]. 18/01/2023
  • New Publication - Gütte & Roggero: From a Challenge to an Opportunity: Sustainability and the “Dark Side” of Social Capital in Paros, Greece. 10/01/2023