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  • Angelika von Dulong - Promotion abgeschlossen: Angelika von Dulong hat am 05.05.2023 ihre Doktorarbeit erfolgreich verteidigt. Das Thema der Dissertation lautet: „Modeling and empirically assessing climate policies and asset stranding: Patterns of policy-induced losses in the fossil fuel extraction, power, and financial sector”. 08/05/2023

  • New Publication - von Dulong, Angelika, Achim Hagen, Roman Mendelevitch, and Klaus Eisenack (2023): Buy Coal and Gas? Interfuel Carbon Leakage on Deposit Markets with Market Power. Energy Economics 117: 106434. . [open access]. 18/01/2023
  • New Publication - Gütte & Roggero: From a Challenge to an Opportunity: Sustainability and the “Dark Side” of Social Capital in Paros, Greece. 10/01/2023