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Family Name : PD Dr. habil. Riesbeck
First Name : Frank
Date of birth : January 25th, 1963
Nationality : German
Civil status : married

Education :
12/2003 Postdoctoral lecture qualification at the Humboldt University in Berlin (PD Dr. habil.)
04/90 Promotion at the Humboldt University in Berlin (Dr. agr.)
03/89 – 02/90 Research studies in the section Plant Production of the Humboldt University Berlin
11/84 – 02/89 Studies at the Humboldt-University in Berlin, section Plant Production
Diploma: Agrarian Engineer (Dipl. agr. ing., masters degree)
09/77 – 08/81 College “Immanuel Kant” in Berlin
09/69 – 08/77 8th Polytechnical grammar school Berlin-Lichtenberg

Professional experience :

11/2003 – today Head of the section “Ecology of the Utilization of Resources” of the Agricultural/Horticultural faculty of the Humboldt University in Berlin
1990 – 2005 Teaching activities at the Humboldt University in Berlin
Lectures about recultivation and ecology of locations, water protection and water pollution control
2005 - 2007 EU Project Interreg IIIb “Development of culture and tourism route Fortresses”
Workpackage Manager “Nature and Monument”
2005 Environmental Study Trepca Mining Complex Kosovo financed by UNMIK
2003 - 2006 Support of DAAD-projects in Kosovo (University of Prishtina) and Lithuania (Agricultural University Kaunas)
Preparation of EU-projects for waste management, irrigation and cultivation, contaminated sites, conversion
02/2003 – 12/2004 Reduction of the odour of liquid manure by means of a processing product of lignite
07/2002 – 03/2003 Professorial dissertation
06/2000 – 12/2002 Conversion – process development
Mapping of the quality of watercourses and renaturation
Modern sprinkler irrigation processes
Development of soil substitutes and auxiliary material
03/2000 – 12/2000 Preparation and implementation of two conversion projects in Estonia and Latvia, EU-financed
04/1999 – 12/2001 Utilisation of mineral and organic residues to produce substrates for waste site covering
01/1999 – 06/2000 Assistance in the development of mechanical procedures to remove munitions
Landscape conservation and recultivation of areas contaminated with munitions
02/1997 – 12/1998 Scientific support and consultance of the district Uckermark with regard to conversion problems and recycling of organic offal
02/1996 – 04/1998 Development of integrated procedures of mechanical removal of munitions in Brandenburg
Consultance of the ministerial team in Brandenburg
03/1995 – 12/1997 Scientific support and consulting of the Ministry of the Interior and Sports of the federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz with regard to contaminated sites (contaminated soil, heavy metals, blasting agent compounds, decontamination, recultivation)
02/1993 – 12/1994 Cooperation agreement with the district Birkenfeld (Rheinland-Pfalz)
-Problems of conversion of American Real Estates as well as use of sludge in landscaping
08/1992 – 04/1994 Development of a mechanical procedure for mine sweeping
Use of sludge in landscaping
09/1990 – 12/1992 Test of different procedures of soil improvement to recultivate forestal and mining areas
05/1990 – 08/1990 Additional studies at the Agricultural College of Nitra, Slovakia (Land Improvement/Melioration)
03/1990 – 10/2003 Scientific Assistant at the Agricultural/Horticultural Faculty of the Humboldt University in Berlin
03/1987 – 09/1987 Traineeship as an engineer at the farm Insel (Altmark)
11/1981 – 10/1984 Military Service
08/1981 – 10/1981 Traineeship at the farm KAP in Berlin-Hellersdorf

Membership in Scientific Organisations:

- Deutsche Bodenkundliche Gesellschaft (German Association for Soil Science)
- Abwassertechnische Vereinigung/Deutscher Verband für Wasserbau und Kulturtechnik (Association for Sewage Technology/German Asscociation for Water Engineering


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