Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture

INDEX VOL. 47 (2008)

Articles (by authors)                   Book reviews

Beyene, Fekadu:
Institutions, determinants and effects of collective action among (agro)pastoralists of eastern Ethiopia
No. 2: 97-119

Escobal, Javier A. and Arturo Vásquez Cordano:
Market integration for agricultural output markets in Peru: the role of public infrastructure
No. 1: 25-47

German, Laura, Shenkut Ayele, Waga Mazengia, Mesfin Tsegaye, Kasahun Abere, Kiflu Bedane, Tesema Tolera and Hailemichael Tay:
Institutional foundations of agricultural development in Ethiopia: drawing lessons from current practice for agricultural R&D
No. 3: 191-216

Hundie, Bekele:
Property rights changes among Afar pastoralists of Ethiopia: the role of the state
No. 2: 121-144

Jemal, Hayatudin, Ayalneh Bogale and Konrad Hagedorn:
Welfare loss for pastoralists due to wildlife protection areas: the case of Awash National Park, Ethiopia
No. 3: 217-238

Mariyono, Joko:
Farmers’ economic tolerance toward pest infestations: impact of Integrated Pest Management training in Indonesia
No. 1: 61-73

Matthews, Alan:
The CAP and global food security
No. 4: 281-284

Mirani, Zaheeruddin, Saban Shah Bukhari and Anwar Ahmed Siddiqui:
Diffusion and adoption of sustainable agricultural practices: study of the male annihilation technique
No. 1: 49-60

Mokoena, Madime Reuben, André Jooste and Zerihun Gudeta Alemu:
Impacts of the EU-SA TDCA’s reciprocal preferential tariff quotas on market access for cheese and wines
No. 4: 343-364

Muluken, Yilma, Ayalneh Bogale and Workneh Negatu:
Measuring rural household food security and its determinants in Assosa district of the Benishangul Gumuz region, Ethiopia
No. 4: 307-325

Mutandwa, Edward, Christopher T. Gadzirayi and Jordan Chihiya:
Adoption of conventional biotechnology under declining smallholder crop productivity: case of tissue cultured sweet potatoes
No. 4: 327-342

Namara, Regassa, Deborah Bossio, Parakrama Weligamage and Indika Herath:
The practice and effects of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Sri Lanka
No. 1: 5-23

Padmanabhan, Martina:
Collective action and property rights in Ethiopia Part 1: Institutional change and pastoralism
No. 2: 91-95

Padmanabhan, Martina:
Collective action and property rights in Ethiopia Part 2: Rural development and natural resource management
No. 3: 187-190

Padmanabhan, Martina:
Pastoral women as strategic and tactical agents in conflicts: negotiating access to resources and gender relations in Afar, Ethiopia
No. 3: 239-266

Tolossa, Degefa:
Livelihood transformation from pastoralism to agro-pastoralism as an adaptation strategy among the Urrane of north-eastern Ethiopia
No. 2: 145-165

von Witzke, Harald:
Agriculture, world food security, bio-energy and climate change: some inconvenient facts
No. 1: 1-4

Zeller, Manfred and Martin Grass:
Agrofuel boom or doom? Opportunities and constraints for agrofuels in developing countries
No. 4: 285-305


Book reviews (Name of reviewer in brackets)

Adato, Michelle and Ruth Meinzen-Dick (eds.) (2007):
Agricultural Research, Livelihoods, and Poverty.
Studies of Economic and Social Impacts in Six Countries.
(Ulrike Grote)
No. 2: 179-181

Balisacan, Arsenio M. and Nobuhico Fuwa (eds.) (2007):
Reasserting the Rural Development Agenda:
Lesson Learned and Emerging Challenges in Asia.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 4: 376-378

Bigman, David (2007):
Globalization and the Least Developed Countries.
Potentials and Pitfalls.
(Arie Kuyvenhoven)
No. 4: 365-370

Brandt, Hartmut and Uwe Otzen (2007):
Poverty Oriented Agricultural and Rural Development.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 1: 83-85

Brookfield, Harold and Helen Parsons (2007):
Family Farms: Survival and Prospects.
A World-Wide Analysis.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 3: 272-274

Burch, David and Geoffrey Lawrence (eds.) (2007):
Supermarkets and Agri-Food Supply Chains.
Transformations in the Production and Consumption of Foods.
(Aad van Tilburg)
No. 3: 267-269

Carruth, Reba A. (ed.) (2006):
Global Governance of Food and Agriculture Industries.
(Winfried von Urff)
No. 1: 80-82

Collier, Paul (2007):
The Bottom Billion.
Easterly, William (2006):
The White Man’s Burden.
Sachs, Jeffrey D. (2005):
The End of Poverty.
(Rolf A.E. Mueller) No. 1: 75-79

Evenson, Robert E. and Terri Raney (eds.) (2007):
The Political Economy of Genetically Modified Foods.
(Matin Qaim)
No. 2: 176-178

Herman E. Daly (2007):
Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development, Selected Essays of Herman Daly.
(Karin Holm-Mueller)
No. 2: 174-175

Hew Cheng Sim (ed.) (2007):
Village Mothers, City Daughters.
Women and Urbanization in Sarawak.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 2: 184-186

Kerr, William A. and James D. Gaisford (eds.) (2007):
Handbook on International Trade Policy.
(Martin Grass)
No. 2: 171-173

Kindon, Sara, Pain, Rachel and Mike Kesby (eds.) (2007):
Participatory Action Research Approaches and Methods:
Connecting People, Participation and Place.
(Dieter Neubert)
No. 4: 383-386

Manji, Ambreena (2006):
The Politics of Land Reform in Africa.
From Communal Tenure to Free Markets.
(Michael Kirk)
No. 3: 275-277

McGillivray, Mark (ed.) (2006):
Human Well-Being: Concept and Measurement.
(Tina Beuchelt and Manfred Zeller)
No. 1: 86-87

Mollinga, Peter P., Dixit, Ajaya and Kusum Athukorala (eds.) (2006):
Integrated Water Resources Management:
Global Theory, Emerging Practice and Local Needs.
(Astrid Zabel)
No. 1: 88-89

Pimbert, Michel et al. (eds.) (2006):
Farmers’ Views on the Future of Food and Small Scale Producers – Summary of an Electronic Conference, 14 April to 1 July, 2005.
(Uwe Jens Nagel)
No. 2: 182-183

Rugendyke, Barbara (ed.) (2007):
NGOs as Advocates for Development in a Globalising World.
(Uwe Jens Nagel)
No. 4: 374-375

Steven Haggblade, Hazell, Peter B.R. and Thomas Reardon (eds.) (2008):
Transforming the Rural Nonfarm Economy –
Opportunities and Threats in the Developing World.
(Eric Tollens)
No. 3: 270-271

Swinnen, Johan F.M. (ed.) (2007):
Global Supply Chains, Standards and the Poor:
How the Globalization of Food Systems and Standards Affects Rural Development and Poverty.
(Ulrich Koester)
No. 4: 371-373

Tang, Wenfang and Burkart Holzner (eds.) (2007):
Social Change in Contemporary China:
C. K. Yang and the Concept of Institutional Diffusion.
(Christian Böber)
No. 4: 379-382

Yongnian, Zheng (2007):
De Facto Federalism in China:
Reforms and Dynamics of Central-Local Relations.
(Christian Böber)
No. 3: 278-280

Yotopoulos, Pan A. and Donato Romano (eds.) (2006):
The Asymmetries of Globalization.
(David Bigman)
No. 2: 167-170