Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture

INDEX VOL. 53 (2014)

Articles (by authors)                   Book reviews

Agbaje, M.A., F.Y. Okunmadewa, O.A. Oni and B.T. Omonona:
Spatial Dimension of Vulnerability to Poverty in Rural Nigeria
No. 1: 25-53

Agyeman, Bernard Archibald Senyo, Samuel Asuming-Brempong and Edward Ebo Onumah:
Determinants of Income Diversification of Farm Households in the Western Region of Ghana
No. 1: 55-72

Appiah, Michael Kusi, Til Feike, Alexander Nimo Wiredu and
Yusanjan Mamitimin:
Cotton Production, Land Use Change and Resource Competition
in the Aksu-Tarim River Basin, Xinjiang, China

No. 3: 243-261

Carlberg, Eric, Genti Kostandini and Awere Dankyi:
The Effects of Integrated Pest Management Techniques Farmer Field Schools on Groundnut Productivity:
Evidence from Ghana

No. 1: 73-88

Castro Campos, Bente:
Official Ethnic Labels and Non-Agricultural Work in Guizhou (China)
No. 2: 169-196

Conradt, Sarah, Raushan Bokusheva, Robert Finger and Talgat Kussaiynov:
Yield Trend Estimation in the Presence of Farm Heterogeneity and Non-linear Technological Change
No. 2: 121-140

Folefack, Achille Jean Jaza:
Application of Coase Theorem to Analyze the Welfare Gain and Loss in a Conflict of Herders’ Damage in Croppers’ Land at the Adamawa Region of Cameroon
No. 1: 1-24

Gataulina, Ekaterina, Heinrich Hockmann and Anton Strokov:
Production Risk, Technology and Market Access in Different
Organisational Forms: Evidence from Tatarstan and Oryol

No. 4: 293-318

Götz, Linde, Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel and Yael Kachel:
Vertical Price Transmission in the International Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chain:
Israeli Grapefruit Exports to the EU after Export Liberalisation

No. 2: 99-120

Huong, Tran Thi Thu, Manfred Zeller and Chu Thai Hoanh:
The ‘Five Million Hectare Reforestation Program’ in Vietnam:
An Analysis of its Implementation and Transaction Costs

A Case Study in Hoa Binh Province
No. 4: 341-375

Muriithi, Beatrice W. and Julia Anna Matz:
Smallholder Participation in the Commercialisation of Vegetables:
Evidence from Kenyan Panel Data

No. 2: 141-168

Mwangi, Backson, Gideon Obare and Alice Murage:
Estimating the Adoption Rates of Two Contrasting Striga
Weeds Control Technologies in Kenya

No. 3: 225-242

Okello, Julius J., Oliver K. Kirui, Zachary M. Gitonga,
Georgina W. Njiraini
and Jonathan M. Nzuma:
Determinants of Awareness and Use ICT-based Market
Information Services in Developing-Country Agriculture:
The Case of Smallholder Farmers in Kenya

No. 3: 263-282

Oyakhilomen, Oyinbo and Rekwot Grace Zibah:
Agricultural Production and Economic Growth in Nigeria:
Implication for Rural Poverty Alleviation

No. 3: 207-223

Wainaina, Priscilla W., Julius J. Okello and Jonathan M. Nzuma:
Blessing or Evil? Contract Farming, Smallholder Poultry
Production and Household Welfare in Kenya

No. 4: 319-340


Book reviews (Name of reviewer in brackets)

Chirwa, Ephraim and Andrew Dorward (2013): 
Agricultural input subsidies:
the recent Malawi experience.
(Yueqing JI)
No. 4: 377-378

Falck-Zepeda, José, Guillaume Gruère and Idah Sithole-Niang (eds.) (2013):
Genetically Modified Crops in Africa:
Economic and Policy Lessons from Countries South of Sahara.
(Vijesh Krishna)
No. 2: 201-203

Hachigonta, Sepo, Gerald C. Nelson, Timothy S. Thomas and
Lindiwe Majele Sibanda (eds.) (2013):
Southern African Agriculture and Climate Change:
A Comprehensive Analysis.
(Marc Müller)
No. 3: 290-291

Hazell, Peter B.R. and Atiqur Rahman (eds.) (2014):
New Directions for Smallholder Agriculture.
(Axel Wolz)
No. 3: 287-289

Hillbom, E. and P. Svensson (eds.) (2013):
Agricultural Transformation in a Global History Perspective.
(Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia)
No. 1: 89-90

Jalloh, Abdulai, Gerald C. Nelson, Timothy S. Thomas, Robert Zougmoré and Harold Roy-Macauley (eds.) (2013):
West African agriculture and climate change –
A comprehensive analysis.
(Katharina Waha)
No. 1: 91-93

Jefferson, Philip N. (ed.) (2012):
The Oxford Handbook of The Economics of Poverty.
(Rolf A.E. Mueller)
No. 1: 94-97

Mao, Yushi, Nong Zhao and Xiaojing Yang (eds.) (2013):
Food Security and Farm Land Protection in China.
Louis Augustin-Jean and Björn Alpermann (eds.) (2013):
The Political Economy of Agro-Food Markets in China –
The Social Construction of the Markets in an Era of Globalization.
(Funing Zhong)
No. 2: 204-206

Smil, Vaclav (2013):
Harvesting the Biosphere.
What We have Taken from Nature.
(Rolf A.E. Mueller)
No. 3: 283-286

Woertz, Eckart (2013):
Oil for Food – The Global Food Crisis and the Middle East.
(Peter Voigt)
No. 2: 197-200

Clark, Norman, Andy Frost, Ian Maudlin and Andrew Ward (2013):
Technology Development Assistance for Agriculture: 
Putting Research into Low Income Countries.
(Heinrich Hockmann)
No. 4: 379-381