Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture

INDEX VOL. 51 (2012)

Articles (by authors)                   Book reviews

Adepoju, A.A. and O.A. Oni:
Investigating Endogeneity Effects of Social Capital on Household Welfare in Nigeria:
A Control Function Approach

No. 1: 73-96

Al-Riffai, Perrihan, Clemens Breisinger, Dorte Verne and Tingju Zhu:
Droughts in Syria:
An Assessment of Impacts and Options for Improving the Resilience of the Poor

No. 1: 21-49

Bokusheva, Raushan and Gunnar Breustedt:
The Effectiveness of Weather-Based Index Insurance and Area-Yield Crop Insurance:
How Reliable are ex post Predictions for Yield Risk Reduction?

No. 2: 135-156

Chuthaporn, Ngokkuen and Ulrike Grote:
Geographical Indication for Jasmine Rice:
Applying a Logit Model to Predict Adoption Behavior of Thai Farm Households

No. 2: 157-185

Demeke, Abera Birhanu and Manfred Zeller:
Weather Risk and Household Participation in Off-farm Activities in Rural Ethiopia
No. 1: 1-20

Dorward, Andrew:
Conceptualising the Effects of Seasonal Financial Market Failures and Credit Rationing in Applied Rural Household Models
No. 2: 113-133

Gebregziabher, Gebrehaweria, Regassa E. Namara and Stein Holden:
Technical Efficiency of Irrigated and Rain-Fed Smallholder Agriculture in Tigray, Ethiopia:
A Comparative Stochastic Frontier Production Function Analysis

No. 3: 203-226

Mittal, Surabhi and Mamta Mehar:
How Mobile Phones Contribute to Growth of Small Farmers?
Evidence from India

No. 3: 227-244

Mujawamariya, Gaudiose, Kees Burger and Marijke D’Haese:
Quality of Gum Arabic in Senegal:
Linking the Laboratory Research to the Field Assessment

No. 4: 357-383

Murage, A.W., G. Obare, J. Chianu, D.M. Amudavi, C.A.O. Midega, J.A. Pickett, and Z.R. Khan:
The Effectiveness of Dissemination Pathways on Adoption of “Push-Pull” Technology in Western Kenya
No. 1: 51-71

Nyaga, Elizabeth Kabura:
Is ICT in Agricultural Extension Feasible in Enhancing Marketing of Agricultural Produce in Kenya:
A Case of Kiambu District

No. 3: 245-256

Pandey, Sushil, Nongluck Suphanchaimat and Ma. Lourdes Velasco:
The Patterns of Spread and Economics of a Labor-Saving Innovation in Rice Production:
the Case of Direct Seeding in Northeast Thailand

No. 4: 333-356

Tsehay, Abrham Seyoum and Siegfried Bauer:
Poverty and Vulnerability Dynamics:
Empirical Evidence from Smallholders in Northern Highlands of Ethiopia

No. 4: 301-332

Tubetov, Dulat, Oliver Musshoff and Ulla Kellner:
Investments in Kazakhstani Dairy Farming:
A Comparison of Classical Investment Theory and the Real Options Approach

No. 3: 257-284


Book reviews (Name of reviewer in brackets)

Bin Wu (2003):
Sustainable Development in Rural China.
Farmer innovation and self-organization in marginal areas.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 2: 205-207

Alsos, Gry A.; Carter, Sara; Ljunggren, Elisabet and Friederike Welter (eds.) (2011):
The Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Rural Development.
(Thomas Herzfeld)
No. 1: 100-101

Alston, Julian M.; Andersen, Matthew A.; James, Jennifer S. and Philip G. Pardey (2010):
Persistence Pays. U.S. Agricultural Productivity Growth and the Benefits from Public R&D Spending.
(Rolf A.E. Mueller)
No. 2: 189-192

Araus, José Luis and Gustavo Ariel Slafer (eds.) (2011):
Crop Stress Management & Global Climate Change.
(Eric Tollens)
No. 1: 97-99

Armendáriz, Beatriz and Marc Labie (eds.) (2011):
The Handbook of Microfinance.
(Xiangping Jia)
No. 1: 110-111

Baulch, Bob (ed.) (2011):
Why Poverty Persists: Poverty Dynamics in Asia and Africa.
(Rainer Thiele)
No. 2: 187-188

Birner, Regina; Gupta, Surupa and Neeru Sharma (2011):
The Political Economy of Agricultural Policy Reform in India.
Fertilizers and Electricity for Irrigation.
(Volker Beckmann)
No. 2: 196-198

Chiarolla, Claudio (2011):
Intellectual Property, Agriculture and Global Food Security.
The Privatization of Crop Diversity.
(Insa Theesfeld)
No. 1: 102-104

Conway, Gordon; Waage, Jeff and Sara Delaney (2010):
Science and Innovation for Development.
(Rolf A.E. Mueller)
No. 1: 105-109

Dinar, Ariel and Robert Mendelsohn (eds.) (2011):
Handbook on Climate Change and Agriculture.
(Andrea Lüttger)
No. 2: 199-201

Eguavoen, Irit and Wolfram Laube (eds.) (2010):
Negotiating Local Governance –
Natural Resources Management at the Interface of Communities and the State.
(Regina Birner)
No. 3: 291-296

Floud, Roderick; Fogel, Robert W.; Harris, Bernard and Sok Chul Hong (2011):
The Changing Body:
Health, Nutrition, and Human Development in the Western World since 1700.
(Rolf A.E. Mueller)
No. 3: 287-290

Kareiva, Peter; Tallis, Heather; Ricketts, Taylor H.; Daily, Gretchen C. and Stephen Polasky (eds.) (2011):
Natural Capital:
Theory and Practice of Mapping Ecosystem Services.
(Zhanli Sun)
No. 3: 297-299

Laframboise, Donna (2011):
The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert.
(Ulrich Koester)
No. 3: 285-286

Lee, David R. and Muna B. Ndulo (eds.) (2011):
The Food and Financial Crises in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Origins, Impacts and Policy Implications.
(Michael Brüntrup)
No. 4: 399-402

Mosley, Paul (2012):
The Politics of Poverty Reduction.
(Stephan Klasen)
No. 4: 387-389

Noman, Akbar; Botchwey, Kwesi; Stein, Howard and Joseph E. Stiglitz (eds.) (2012):
Good Growth and Governance in Africa.
Rethinking Development Strategies.
(Gertrud Buchenrieder)
No. 4: 390-398

Sedlacko, Michal and André Martinuzzi (eds.) (2012):
Governance by Evaluation for Sustainable Development –
Institutional Capacities and Learning.
(Martin Petrick)
No. 4: 385-386

Tonts, Matthew and M.A.B. Siddique (eds.) (2011):
Globalisation, Agriculture and Development.
Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific.
(Michael Kirk)
No. 2: 193-195