Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture

INDEX VOL. 48 (2009)

Articles (by authors)                    Book reviews

Asfaw, Solomon, Dagmar Mithöfer and Hermann Waibel:
Investment in compliance with GlobalGAP standards:
Does it pay off for small-scale producers in Kenya?

No. 4: 337-362

Babatunde, Raphael O. and Matin Qaim:
Patterns of income diversification in rural Nigeria:
determinants and impacts

No. 4: 305-320

Birthal, Pratap S. and Pramod K. Joshi:
Efficiency and equity in contract farming:
evidence from a case study of dairying in India

No. 4: 363-378

Cardwell, Ryan and William A. Kerr:
How much food aid is enough?
Insights for WTO rulemaking

No. 3: 193-218

Fidan, Halil and Füsun Tatlıdil:
Agricultural performance in Turkey and some European countries:
an application factorial analysis

No. 2: 101-111

Getnet, Kindie:
From auction market to Commodity Exchange:
managing coffee price risk in Ethiopia

No. 2: 113-134

Grethe, Harald:
Developing countries in the Doha Round –
how balanced is the negotiation position?
No. 3: 187-192

Hockmann, Heinrich, Raushan Bokusheva and Irina Bezlepkina:
Agroholding membership:
does that make a difference in performance?

No. 1: 25-46

Laude, Tiffany P., Gerald C. Nelson and Hayri Önal:
Dynamic modeling of optimal papaya replanting decisions in the Philippines
No. 2: 155-170

Mariyono, Joko:
Technological bias in Indonesian rice production:
why does agrochemical use increase over time?

No. 1: 47-65

Ndambi, Oghaiki Asaah, Otto Garcia, Torsten Hemme, David Balikowa and Uwe Latacz-Lohmann:
Application of the TIPI-CAL model in analysing policy impacts on African dairy farms
No. 2: 135-154

Nin-Pratt, Alejandro, Mohammad A. Jabbar and Simeon Ehui:
Benefits and costs of compliance of sanitary regulations in livestock markets:
the case of Rift Valley Fever in the Somali Region of Ethiopia

No. 3: 219-241

Nyaga, Elizabeth Kabura and Werner Doppler:
Combining principal component analysis and logistic regression models to assess household level food security among smallholder cash crop producers in Kenya
No. 1: 5-23

Oni, Timothy Olukunle:
Impact assessment of macroeconomic policies on the supply of non-traditional export crops in Nigeria
No. 3: 243-264

Rabinowicz, Ewa:
Purposes and allocation of European Community budget resources
No. 4: 299-303

Reddy, V. Ratna and Bhagirath Behera:
Economic viability of rehabilitation of traditional water harvesting system:
empirical evidence from South India

No. 4: 321-336

Seo, S. Niggol:
A micro-econometric analysis of the impact of climate change on livestock management in South America
No. 3: 265-282

von Braun, Joachim:
Food security under volatile markets and economic depression
No. 1: 1-4

Zannou, Afio, Abomey-Calavi, Paul C. Struik and Paul Richards:
The value of yam diversity in the transition Guinea Sudan zone of Benin:
market evidence

No. 1: 67-80


Book reviews (Name of reviewer in brackets)

Andersen, Regine (2008):
Governing Agrobiodiversity. Plant Genetics and Developing Countries.
(Eric Tollens)
No. 1: 91-94

Biswas, Asit K., Rached, Elgal and Cecilia Torajada (eds.) (2008):
Water as a Human Right for the Middle East and North Africa.
(Heinz-Peter Wolff)
No. 1: 98-99

Brouwer, Floor, Van Rheenen, Teunis, Dhillion, Shivcharn S. and Anna Martha Elgersma (eds.) (2008):
Sustainable Land Management:
Strategies to Cope with the Marginalisation of Agriculture.
(Andreas Neef)
No. 3: 291-294

Dinar, Ariel; Hassan, Rashid; Mendelsohn, Robert and James Benhin (2008):
Climate Change and Agriculture in Africa:
Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies.
(Alwin Keil)
No. 4: 385-388

Goyal, Sanjeev (2007):
Connections: An Introduction to the Economics of Networks.
(Rolf A.E. Mueller)
No. 2: 180-183

Hatzius, Thilo (2004):
Vier Köpfe und drei Füße.
(Hans E. Jahnke)
No. 2: 184-185

Hoda, Anwarul and Ashok Gulati (2008):
WTO Negotiations on Agriculture and Developing Countries.
(Harald Grethe)
No. 2: 177-179

Hulme, David and Thankom Arun (eds.) (2009):
Microfinance: A Reader.
(Thomas Dufhues).
No. 4: 392-392

Lin, George C.S. (2009):
Developing China: Land, Politics and Social Conditions.
(Christian Böber)
No. 3: 295-297

Marshall, Katherine (2008):
The World Bank: From Reconstruction to Development to Equity.
(Franz Heidhues)
No. 1: 85-88

McCullough, Ellen B., Pingali, Prabhu L. and Kostas G. Stamoulis (2008):
The Transformation of Agri-Food Systems:
Globalization, Supply Chains and Smallholder Farmers.
(Miet Maertens)
No. 3: 286-287

Molden, David (ed.) (2007):
Water for Food, Water for Life:
A Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture.
(Heinz-Peter Wolff)
No. 4: 389-391

Polak, Paul (2008):
Out of Poverty. What works when traditional approaches fail.
(Rolf A.E. Mueller)
No. 1: 81-84

Rashid, S., Gulati, A. and R. Cummings Jr (2008):
From Parastatals to Private Trade – Lessons from Asian Agriculture.
(Marcus Mergenthaler)
No. 3: 288-289

Ray, Shovan (ed.) 2007:
Handbook of Agriculture in India.
(Uwe Jens Nagel)
No. 1: 89-90

Shirley, Mary M. (2008):
Institutions and Development.
(Regina Birner)
No. 2: 171-176

The Worldwatch Institute (2007):
Biofuels for Transport: Global Potential and Implications for Sustainable Energy and Agriculture.
(Martin Grass)
No. 1: 95-97

Thirlwall, A.P. and P. Pacheco-López (2008):
Trade Liberalisation and the Poverty of Nations.
(Stefan Tangermann)
No. 3: 283-285

von Braun, Joachim and Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla (eds.) (2008):
Globalization of Food and Agriculture and the Poor.
(Rolf A.E. Mueller)
No. 4: 379-384