Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institut für Agrar- und Gartenbauwissenschaften

Studiengang: Master IAW

Modul: Crop Science Seminar

Wahlpflichtmodul Kennziffer: MSc IAWWPM C 5

Students acquire the ability to deal with important subjects in crop science, gathering the relevant literature, selecting substantial data for demonstration of important connection of findings or chains of cause and effect, disputing even contrasting results and interpreting them with respect to their possible relevance for plant production.Students provide evidence of their ability to present orally and visually a subject due to scientic standards.

Subjects are either related to actual problems in agricultural practice or bear high general meaning for the different disciplins in crop science (agroclimates, agronomy, ecophysiology, grassland ecology, phytomedicin, plant nutrition, soil science and world crops). 1 or 2 subjects are proposed by the lecturers out of each disciplin.

Seminar sessions and instructions for preparation of written seminar paper and oral/visual presentation.

Prof. Büttner, Dr. Chmielewski, Prof. Herzog, NN

2nd semester, 2 h weekly, but mainly focussed at the and of the semester, acc. to prior agreement between instructors and students, lecture halls in Dahlem (since all modules of the 2nd semester for Crop Sc.-students will be held there).

Written seminar paper of each student is evaluated by the instructor

60 contact hours (10-20 % seminar sessions and disputation with several lecturers;
80-90 % consulting sessions of students with his/her instructor);
120 h homework (literature search, preparation of a written seminar paper and its presentation).