Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Resource Economics


Habilitations and Postdoc research

Habilitations in progress


Completed habilitations

Katharine Nora Farrell, PhD The Analytical Economics of Living Well: Concepts and Applications for the Combined Study of Value, Production and the Ecological Contribution of Economic Processes
Schleyer, Christian Market-based instruments as components of institutional arrangements for the provision of ecosystem services – The example of land use measures for climate- and nature-protection in cultural landscapes in Central Europe
Zikos, Dimitrios Resource Scarcity, Competition and the Relationship between Conflict and Cooperation: The Role of Institutions in Shaping the Outcome
Grundmann, Philipp Institutional Change in Biomass and Bioenergy Production
Otto-Banaszak, Ilona From Government to Governance: Problems and Tensions in Transition to Polycentric Governance of Natural Resources
Beckmann, Volker

Essays in Institutional Analysis. Application to Economic Transition, Technology Adoption and Environmental Governance in Agriculture

Gatzweiler, Franz The meaning of value and institutional change for an economics of living systems
Hinkel, Jochen Human-environment interactions and climate change adaptation
Mann, Carsten Dynamics of governance regimes and reciprocal influence with policy instruments
Padmanabhan, Martina Gender and Institutional Analysis - Resource Management in Asia and Africa
Theesfeld, Insa Water and Institutional Analysis – Power and Leadership in Natural Resource Management
Thiel, Andreas

Developing Institutional Economics for the Analysis of Social-ecological Systems

Completed Post-doc Projects

Bogale,   Ayalneh                

Resource Governance and Emerging Institutions for Sustainable Management of Natural Forests in Ethiopia: Analysis of Institutional Change and Benefits to Forest Dwellers in Adaba-Dodola Forest Priority Area

Srinivasa Reddy Srigiri In Pursuit of Effective Governance Structures and Institutions for Abatement of Urban Pollution: Industrial pollution in Hyderabad
Bhaskar Poldas Analysis of the influence of religious interpretations for climate change on the climate related behavior of citizens in Hyderabad, India
Seema Singh Potential and Constraints of building Environmental Health Risk Resilient Communities in the Emerging Mega City of Hyderabad/India