Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture

Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture No. 2/09

Agricultural performance in Turkey and some European countries:
an application factorial analysis

Halil Fidan and Füsun Tatlıdil
University of Ankara, Turkey


Main aim of this article is to analyze agricultural performances of Turkey and some of EU countries. The models of factor analysis represent each country’s agricultural performance. This model, in which they treat simultaneously variable manifest and variable latent, settle down like models of Confirming Factorial Analysis within the field of the models of agricultural performance. Part of 32 variables obtained by FAO, USSD, Eurostat. Variables are compiled and then it was obtained eight factors. “IRPLU” (Intensiveness of Rural Population and Land Use); factor 2 “AFTIIU” (Agricultural Foreign Trade and Intensiveness of Input Use); factor 3 “PAP” (Productivity of Agricultural Production); factor 4 “ILUOCA” (Intensiveness of Land Use in the Out of Agriculture); factor 5 “IAFC” (Intensiveness of the Agricultural Food Consumption), factor 6 “IMU” (Intensiveness of Machinery Use); factor 7 “IAG” (Intensiveness of the Agricultural Growth) and factor 8 “MUAH” (Machinery Use in Animal Husbandry). “IRPLU” was found that it was the most important factor from the aspect of Turkey.

Keywords: Agricultural performance, factorial analysis, scores value

JEL: Q 190

Vol. 48 (2009), No. 2: 101-111