Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture

INDEX VOL. 46 (2007)

Articles (by authors)                   Book reviews

Babu, Suresh C. and William Reidhead:
Measuring the benefits of development research – a case study of food policy reforms in Bangladesh
No. 2: 159-182

Bezlepkina, Irina, Ruud Huirne, Alfons Oude Lansink and Arie Oskam:
Analysing variation in Russian dairy farms, 1990-2001
No. 1: 5-21

Birthal, Pratap S. and P.K. Joshi:
Institutional innovations for improving smallholder participation in high-value agriculture: a case of fruit and vegetable growers’ associations in India
No. 1: 49-67

Elz, Dieter:
Bioenergy systems
No. 4: 325-332

Elz, Dieter:
Renewable resources and natural resources management
No. 4: 301-303

Ferenji, Beyene Tadesse and Franz Heidhues:
Fall in technical efficiency of small farm households in the post reform period
No. 3: 241-261

Ferenji, Beyene Tadesse and Franz Heidhues:
Study of total factor productivity of tef in Ethiopia: application of a growth decomposition approach
No. 2: 119-144

Ffolliott, Peter F., Hans M. Gregersen and Kenneth N. Brooks:
Integrated watershed management: an approach to natural resources management
No. 4: 373-394

Folefack, Achille Jean Jaza:
The use of compost for the cultivation of foodstuff crops and vegetables in the villages surrounding Yaoundé (Cameroon): descriptive and production function approaches of analysis
No. 3: 221-239

Gans, Oskar and Frank Jöst:
Estimating the impact of population growth on environmental deterioration: a technical note on decomposition analysis
No. 1: 1- 3

Grethe, Harald:
The agricultural negotiations as part of the Doha Development Agenda – progress or stagnation?
No. 3: 199-204

Haug, Marianne:
Renewable energy in future energy supply: a renaissance in waiting
No. 4: 305-324

Henniges, Oliver and Jürgen Zeddies:
Biofuels – experiences and perspectives in industrialized and developing countries
No. 4: 349-371

Kaliba, Aloyce R., Steve Amisah, Linus Kumah and Kwamena K. Quagrainie:
Economic analysis of Nile tilapia production in Ghana
No. 2: 105-117

Kerckow, Birger:
Competition between agricultural and renewable energy production
No. 4: 333-347

Nagarajan, Latha, Philip Pardey and Melinda Smale:
Seed systems and millet crops in marginal environments of India: industry and policy perspectives
No. 3: 263-288

Ogundari, Kolawole and Olalekan Odefadehan:
Comparative analysis of resource-productivity and technical efficiency of cocoa producers: a study of farmers under training & visit and farmer field school extension systems in Nigeria
No. 3: 205-219

Sauer, Johannes and Tsegaye Yilma:
Consistent evidence on the efficiency of maize production in southwest Ethiopia
No. 1: 23-48

Simtowe, Franklin, Manfred Zeller, Alexander Phiri and John Mburu:
Long-run determinants of moral hazard in microfinance: a study of group lending programs from Malawi using panel data
No. 1: 69-84

van Edig, Xenia, Stefan Schwarze and Manfred Zeller:
Indicator based poverty assessment for rural Central Sulawesi
No. 2: 145-158

von Urff, Winfried:
Biofuels – A new chance for agriculture or a threat to food security
No. 2: 99-104

Zilberman, David and Hermann Waibel:
Advances in impact assessment of natural resources management research
No. 4: 395-420


Book reviews (Name of reviewer in brackets)

Baker, Susan (2006):
Sustainable Development.
(Manfred Zeller)
No. 3: 291-292

Bresciani, Fabricio and Alberto Valdés (eds.) (2007):
Beyond Food Production. The Role of Agriculture in Poverty Reduction.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 3: 297-298

Craig, David and Doug Porter (2006):
Development Beyond Neoliberalism? Governance, Poverty Reduction and Political Economy.
(Michel Griffon)
No. 3: 289-290

Doolittle, Amity A. (2005):
Property and Politics in Sabah, Malaysia. Native Struggles Over Land Rights.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 1: 96-97

Fan, Jie, Thomas Heberer and Wolfgang Taubmann (2006):
Rural China: Economic and Social Change in the Late Twentieth Century.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 4: 424-425

Folmer, H. and T. Tietenberg (eds.) (2006):
The International Yearbook of Environmental and Resource Economics 2006/2007.
(Michel Griffon)
No. 1: 85-86

Gangopadhyay, P. and M. Chatterji (eds.) (2005):
Economic Globalization in Asia.
(Christin Schipmann)
No. 2: 196-197

Geist, Helmut (2005):
The Causes and Progression of Desertification.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 3: 299-300

Grimsey, Darrin and Mervyn K. Lewis (2004):
Public Private Partnerships: The Worldwide Revolution in Infrastructure Provision and
Project Finance.
(Martin Grass)
No. 4: 432-433

Herath, Gamini and Tony Prato (eds.) (2006):
Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Natural Resource Management.
(Astrid Zabel)
No. 2: 183-185

Holt, Georgina C. and Matthew Reed (eds.) (2006):
Sociological Perspectives of Organic Agriculture: From Pioneer to Policy.
(Jana Rückert-John and René John).
No. 4: 429-431

Islam, Tazul (2006):
Microcredit and Poverty Alleviation.
(Thomas Dufhues and Gertrud Buchenrieder)
No. 4: 426-428

Koester, Ulrich (2005):
Grundzüge der landwirtschaftlichen Marktlehre (Lernmaterialien).
(Tilman Becker)
No. 1: 87-89

Koundouri, P., Karousakis, K., Assimacopoulos, D., Jeffrey, P. and M.A. Lange (eds.) (2006):
Water Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions: Interdisciplinary Perspectives.
(Thomas Berger)
No. 2: 188-190

Lee, Susan Hagwood (2006):
Rice Plus. Widows and Economic Survival in Rural Cambodia.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 2: 194-195

Nagurney, Anna (2006):
Supply Chain Network Economics: Dynamics of Prices, Flows and Profits.
(Martin Grass)
No. 2: 186-187

Neef, Andreas (ed.) (2005):
Participatory approaches for sustainable land use in Southeast Asia.
(Michael Kirk)
No. 1: 92- 95

Tomforde, Maren (2006):
The Hmong Mountains: Cultural Spatiality of the Hmong in Northern Thailand.
(Andreas Neef)
No. 2: 191-193

Torero, Maximo and Joachim von Braun (eds.) (2006):
Information and Communication Technologies for Development and Poverty Reduction.
The Potential of Telecommunications.
(Rolf A.E. Mueller)
No. 3: 293-296

van Dillen, Susanne (2004):
Different Choices: Assessing Vulnerability in a South Indian Village.
(Isabel Fischer)
No. 1: 90- 91

Zhou, Z.-Y. and W.-M. Tian (eds.) (2005):
Grains in China – Foodgrain, Feedgrain and World Trade.
(Stephan Piotrowski)
No. 4: 421-423