Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture

INDEX VOL. 45 (2006)

Articles (by authors)                   Book reviews

Ahlheim, Michael and Andreas Neef:
Payments for environmental services, tenure security and environmental valuation: concepts and policies towards a better environment
No. 4: 303-317

Ahlheim, Michael, Oliver Frör and Nopasom Sinphurmsukskul:
Economic valuation of environmental benefits in developing and emerging countries: theoretical considerations and practical evidence from Thailand and the Philippines
No. 4: 397-419

Ajibefun, Igbekele A.:
Cropping system, technical efficiency and policy options: a stochastic frontier analysis of Nigerian small-scale farmers
No. 2: 145-170

Alene, Arega D. and V.M. Manyong:
Endogenous technology adoption and household food security: the case of improved cowpea varieties in northern Nigeria
No. 3: 211-230

Arifin, Bustanul:
Transaction cost analysis of upstream-downstream relations in watershed services: lessons from community-based forestry management in Sumatra, Indonesia
No. 4: 361-375

Bezlepkina, Irina V. and Alfons G.J.M. Oude Lansink:
Impact of debts and subsidies on agricultural production: farm-data evidence
No. 1: 7- 34

Bock, Bernadette and Michael Kirk:
Rural water pricing systems in Namibia: effects on water use and livelihoods
No. 4: 339-360

Breisinger, Clemens and Olivier Ecker:
Agriculture-led development in rural Vietnam: a decomposed SAM multiplier model
No. 3: 231-252

Brümmer, Bernhard:
Food policy to alleviate rural poverty: The potential contribution of productivity growth in agriculture and agricultural trade liberalization
No. 1: 1- 6

Dalrymple, Dana G.:
Impure public goods and agricultural research: toward a blend of theory and practice
No. 1: 71- 89

Degnet Abebaw, Karin Holm-Müller and John Mburu:
Understanding the perceived importance of risk for coffee growers: empirical evidence from Ethiopia
No. 3: 253-268

Hackl, Franz and Gerald J. Pruckner:
Do expected income changes bias contingent valuation willingness-to-pay figures?
No. 4: 421-435

Hartwich, Frank and Matthias von Oppen:
Who contributes efficiently to development? Evaluating agricultural R&D in Cameroon and Tanzania
No. 1: 47- 70

Jolliffe, Dean:
A comparison of parametric and semi-parametric estimators of farm profit-accounting for sample design in household surveys
No. 2: 107-126

Joshi, Ganesh R. and Sushil Pandey:
Farmers’ perceptions and adoption of modern rice varieties in Nepal
No. 2: 171-186

Kirschke, Dieter and Nana Künkel:
Land degradation in developing countries – simple answers to a complex problem?
No. 3: 205-210

Mamaril, Cezar B. and George W. Norton:
Economic evaluation of transgenic pest resistant rice in the Philippines and Vietnam.
No. 2: 127-144

Nguyen, Hoa and Ulrike Grote:
Agricultural policy and trade of Vietnam in preparation to join the WTO
No. 3: 269-286

Sangkapitux, Chapika and Andreas Neef:
Assessing water tenure security and livelihoods of highland people in northern Thailand
No. 4: 377-396

Soutsas, Konstantinos P., Aristotelis C. Papageorgiou, Stilianos Tampakis, Garyfallos Arabatzis and Anastasios Papastavrou:
Forest policy challenges in the enlarged European Union
No. 1: 35- 46

Suwanrada, Worawet and Andreas Wagener:
Wages, land prices, and local public goods in Thailand
No. 4: 455-475

Tangermann, Stefan:
WTO farm reform – my losses, your gains?
No. 2: 103-104

Wünscher, Tobias, Stefanie Engel and Sven Wunder:
Payments for environmental services in Costa Rica: increasing efficiency through spatial differentiation
No. 4: 319-337

Yabe, Mitsuyasu and Kentaro Yoshida:
Use of stated preference methods for environmental payments in Japan: comparison of contingent valuation method and choice experiments
No. 4: 437-453


Book reviews (Name of reviewer in brackets)

Alanen, Ilkka (ed.) (2005):
Mapping the Rural Problem in the Baltic Countryside – Transition Processes in the Rural Areas of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
(Ewa Rabinowicz)
No. 2: 189-191

Anderson, Kym and Tim Josling (eds.) (2005):
The WTO and Agriculture. Volume I and II.
(Sabine Daude)
No. 2: 195-199

Bressers, Hans and Stefan Kuks (eds.) (2004):
Integrated Governance and Water Basin Management. Conditions for Regime Change and Sustainability
(Stefanie Engel and Astrid Zabel).
No. 4: 482-484

Brouwer, F.M., I. Heinz and T. Zabel (eds.) (2003):
Governance of Water-Related Conflicts in Agriculture. New Directions in Agri-Environmental and Water Policies in the EU.
(Peter P. Mollinga)
No. 4: 479-481

Cooper, Joseph (ed.) (2005):
Global Agricultural Policy Reform and Trade. Environmental Gains and Losses.
(Angela M. Hau)
No. 2: 200-202

Federico, Giovanni (2005):
Feeding the World: An Economic History of Agriculture, 1800 – 2000.
(Rolf A.E. Mueller)
No. 3: 289-291

Folmer, H. and T. Tietenberg (eds.) (2005):
The International Yearbook of Environmental and Resource Economics 2005/2006.
(Michel Griffon)
No. 3: 292-294

Green, Gary Paul, Deller, Steven C. and David W. Marcouiller (eds.) (2005):
Amenities and Rural Development. Theory, Methods and Public Policy.
(Winfried von Urff)
No. 4: 485-487

Gulati, A., R. Meinzen-Dick and K.V. Raju (2005):
Institutional Reforms in Indian Irrigation.
(Michael F. Gengenbach)
No. 2: 187-188

Him Chung (2004):
China’s Rural Market Development in the Reform Era.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 2: 203-204

Kissling, M., K. Schmitz, P.M. Schmitz and T.C. Wronka (eds.) (2003):
Pricing Environmental Services of Agriculture.
(Frauke Pirscher)
No. 1: 93- 96

Kloppenburg Jr., J.R. (2005):
First the Seed: The Political Economy of Plant Biotechnology.
(Matin Qaim)
No. 1: 90- 92

Leal Filho, Walter (ed.) (2005):
Handbook of Sustainability Research. Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability Series.
(Stephan Piotrowski)
No. 3: 295-297

Little, Jo and Carol Morris (eds.) (2005):
Critical Studies in Rural Gender Issues. Perspectives on Rural Policy and Planning.
(Pamela A. Marinda)
No. 3: 298-300

Lynch, Kenneth (2005):
Rural-Urban Interaction in the Developing World.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 1: 99-102

Motzafi-Haller, Pnina (ed.) (2005):
Women in Agriculture in the Middle East. Perspectives on Rural Policy and Planning.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 3: 301-302

Mukherjee, Amitava (2004):
Hunger: Theory, Perspectives and Reality: Assessment Through Participatory Methods.
(Andreas Neef)
No. 1: 97- 98

Petrick, Martin (2004):
Credit Rationing of Polish Farm Households: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis.
(Xiangping Jia)
No. 2: 192-194

Schulz, Manfred and Uwe Kracht (eds.) (2005):
Food and Nutrition Security in the Process of Globalization and Urbanization.
(Eric Tollens)
No. 3: 287-288

Spoor, Max (ed.) (2004):
Globalisation, Poverty and Conflict. A Critical ‘Development’ Reader.
(Shephard Siziba)
No. 4: 488-489

vanLoon, Gary W., Patil, S.G. and L.B. Hugar (2005):
Agricultural Sustainability: Strategies for Assessment.
(Uwe Jens Nagel).
No. 4: 477-478