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Ivemeyer, S.; Preußer, J.; Haager, D.; Simantke, C.; Waldherr, P.; Kull, K.; Utz, G.; Knierim, U; Winckler, C. (2022). Impact of enhanced compared to restricted milk feeding on the behaviour and health of organic dairy calves. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 252, 105655.

Göttert, T.; Starik, N. (2022).Human-Wildlife Conflicts across Landscapes - General Applicability vs. Case Specifity. Diversity 2022, 14(5), 380.

Briefer, E. F.; Sypherd, C. C.-R.; Linhart, P.; Leliveld, L. M. C.; de la Torre, M. P.; Read, E. R.; Guérin, C.; Deiss, V.; Monestier, C.; Rasmussen, J. H.; Špinka, M.; Düpjan, S.; Boissy, A.; Janczak, A. M.; Hillmann, E.; Tallet, C. (2022).Classification of pig calls produced from birth to slaughter according to their emotional valence and context of production. Sci Rep 12, 3409.

Gómez, Y.; Cockburn, M.; Hankele, A.-K.; Gygax, L.; Zähner, M.; Hillmann, E.; Savary, P. (2022). Effects of small milking stalls on stress responses indairy cows during milking in group milking parlors. Journal of Dairy Science105, 609-622.

Gygax, L.; Rufener, C.; van Zeeland, Y. R. A. (2022). Fully flexible analysisof behavioural sequences based on parametric survival models with frailties- a tutorial. Ethology, Section “Ethological Methods” 128, 183-196.




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