Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Agricultural Ecology

Welcome to the Division of Vocational Teaching in Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences!


Our mission is to contribute to sustainable development by training future professionals in green education, and by conducting researches on learning processes in agricultural and horticultural sciences, environmental studies, and their related fields.


Our Division is in charge of the academic training of teachers in vocational schools in agriculture and horticulture. We are coordinating bachelor's degree programmes (B.Sc.: Combination Bachelor with a teaching option), with a major in agriculture or horticulture, and a minor that is either one of a choice of general subjects taught in vocational schools, for example, Biology and Chemistry, or in special education (Sonderpädagogik). Bachelor's degree programmes contain elements of educational sciences and the basic module of Vocational Teaching in agriculture and horticulture.


Current research topics include:

  • Systems thinking in agricultural education
  • Project-based learning, Learning with living beings
  • Narrative forms in science and environmental learning


We will be happy to hear comments and questions!