Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences

Professur Intensive Plant Food Systems

Our group works on understanding physiological functions of horticultural and agricultural crops (winter wheat, vegetable and fruit trees) and how these functions can be improved by plant breeding. We focus on:

  • light-induced physiological responses, including photosynthesis, stomatal regulation, photo-acclimation and morphogenesis; 
  • interactions between light and other abiotic factors and deciphering these interactions using mechanistic models; 
  • up-scaling the environmental effects on leaf level to canopy level;
  • breeding history of Germany winter wheat; and
  • nitrogen uptake and partitions in vegetable crops

We use modelling approaches and systems analyses as powerful tools in modern plant science to obtain a systems-understanding of the plant functions, to explain and to predict the physiological phenomenon which are not straightforward for experimental biologist. We have interdisciplinary collaboration partners including computer scientists, mathematicians and crop geneticists. Besides classical modelling approaches, we are specialized in functional-structural plant models, where the triple feedbacks between environmental triggers, dynamic canopy architectures and physiological functions can be analyzed.
Further research focusses are model-assisted high-throughput phenotyping and physiological mechanisms optimizing canopy photosynthesis through acclimation strategies.




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 Prof. Dr. Tsu-Wei Chen    

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