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Foto: Oluwaseun Serah Iyasere

Dr. Oluwaseun Serah Iyasere

Guest researcher in our department


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Annual meeting of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation from June 28 to 30, 2023 and reception by the Federal President of German
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This year's annual meeting marks the 70th Anniversary of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and the tradition is to invite all the scholars (and their families) for a meeting with the Federal President of Germany. As one of the scholars of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation under the category of the Georg Forster-experienced research fellow at Humboldt University since 2021 at the Animal Husbandry Systems and Ethology with Prof. Dr. Edna Hillmann as my host, I was one of the attendees at the meeting this year.

The 29th of June, 2023, will remain a remarkable day in my life: meeting the President of Germany, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and the President of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl. Within one minute of having contact with Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl, I was able to discuss the implications of climate change on animal welfare and the need for research in this area.

Another highlight of the meeting was the provision made for fellows to speak about what is next for them in their research. What is next for me is to extend the scope of my research to One Welfare. The moment we humans realise that there is a direct relationship between animal welfare, human welfare, and the environment, it is then that we can convince the masses about its importance.

My sincere appreciation goes to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for supporting researchers all over the world to become the best in their careers.

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.. Selfie with the President of Germany
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My children and me
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Conversation with the President of the Humboldt-Foundation


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 - Friedrich-Loeffler-Colloquium in Celle


Dr. Oluwaseun Serah Iyasere, our guest scientist, was invited as the guest speaker at the Friedrich Loeffler colloquium in Celle on July 3, 2023.

The Friedrich Loeffler Institute is one of the world's leading research institutes in the fields of animal diseases, animal welfare, animal husbandry, animal nutrition, and livestock genetics. It is part of the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and informs and advises the Federal Government in these areas.

Dr. Oluwaseun Serah Iyasere delivered a presentation on „maternal care and chicken welfare".
She spoke about her research work on maternal care in Nigeria and presented some preliminary results on the research on hen strain, fostering type, and duration of maternal care that she just concluded at the Research Station of Humboldt University in Dahlem.
The Chicken project of Dr. Iyasere at Humboldt University attracted the Erasmus grantee Marina Grau Aguilar from the University of Barcelona, to do a practicum and project with her.

Her presentation was highly appreciated, and the feedback from the staff of the Friedrich Loeffler Institute and students attached to the institute was massive.

Dr. Iyasere's visit also involved visitation of the research station and discussion with Dr. Antonia Patt (the organiser of the colloquium) about their ongoing chicken experiment.

Attached are pictures taken at the meeting.

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 - 2nd Behaviour and Welfare Conference in Africa


Keynote speaker at the 2nd Animal Behaviour and Welfare Conference in Africa held on the 6th of April 2023.
Title of Dr. Oluwaseun Iyasere’s keynote address was titled „The Stigmatized Animal: Victims of Erroneous Social and Spiritual Narratives”.

Link tof the presentation
„The Stigmatized Animal: Victims of Erroneous Social and Spiritual Narratives”

 - Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare


Guest speaker at the Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare (CCSAW) at the University of Guelph on the 29th of March 2023.
Dr. Oluwaseun Iyasere Presented on the „Animal Welfare Activities and Research in Nigeria”.


Link to the presentation
„Animal Welfare Activities and Research in Nigeria”

 - Animal Welfare Group Nigeria 🖉

Dr. Iyasere Oluwaseun Serah described the welfare implications of a lack of maternal care in dairy and poultry animals. She further explained the different types of maternal contacts in the dairy industry. She gave different maternal cues that can be simulated for the benefit of the thousands of chicks reared commercially. This presentation was given on March 1, 2023, to the Animal Welfare Group Nigeria.

Link to the presentation
„The role of maternal care in animal welfare: a case study of the dairy and poultry industries”