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Course Catalogue and Learning Agreement

Course Selection and Learning Agreement


As a student at the Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute (ADTI), you must choose lectures from our institute. You cannot choose courses from other institutes or faculties. As an Erasmus student coming to the ADTI, it is not possible to select courses from the institute of biology, geography or economics etc.!

The ADTI offers two bachelor study programs for Erasmusstudents in German.



Please note that the ADTI does not offer English lectures or seminars at bachelor level! You need at least Level B2 of German language skills to attend courses conducted in German.

The ADTI offers six master study programs for Erasmus students

*M.Sc. Prozess- und Qualitätsmanagement (German)
*M.Sc. Integrated Natural Resource Management
*M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
*M.Sc. Fishery Science and Aquaculture
*International M.Sc. in Rural Development
*International M.Sc. in Horticultural Sciences.

You have to choose one of these study programs during your application. You should choose the majority of your courses from this study program, but you can also select courses from the other study programs for your study. Bachelor students must only choose Bachelor modules; Master students must only choose master modules. 


Important dates

Semester dates
winter semester: 1. October- 31. March
summer semester: 1. April- 30. September

Course dates
winter: mid-October - mid-February
summer: mid-April - mid-July

Exam dates
winter: mid/end February (end of March for re-exams)
summer: mid/end July (end of September for re-exams)

Please find the  course dates and examiniation dates for the academic year 2016/17 here:


Course catalogue


The courses for each new semester are usually published 2 months before the semester starts (in February for the summer semester and in August for the winter semester) on Agnes. If you need information about which courses are offered prior to that, we recommend looking at the course catalogue from the last summer/winter semester to get an idea of what courses are offered as they are usually similar (e.g. for information on courses in the winter semester 17/18, check the course catalogue for the winter semester 16/17).

Here you can find the course catalogue of the HU:


1. Upper left corner: Select (current) semester.
2. Click on course catalogue.

3. Select faculty and institute at which you are registered (Lebenswissenschaftliche Fakultät /Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institut)
4. Choose study program from which you wish to take courses /modules.
5. Click on module/course for:

    → date, time, location etc. of the course
    → number of students permitted
    → information on course registration and credits*

6. For modules without online-registration:

  → Please make sure to attend the first (!) lecture of the module and register there directly with lecturer.




Learning Agreement

Usually, you get all necessary documents from your home university. If not, ask your Erasmus coordinator at your home university for a Learning Agreement (LA). Based on the course selection from our course catalogue, fill in the LA, sign it and let it be stamped and signed by your home university. Then, send the LA to the Erasmus office as part of your application document package.