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Application at uni-exchange


After being nominated by your home university for ERASMUS studies at Humboldt, all students are required to apply ONLINE via uni-exchange. How to apply online for the ERASMUS program (A step-by-step guide):

Our online application site, please apply here:


The final deadlines for applications are:

For Winter Semester: May 31st
For Summer Semester: November 30th

Please apply in uni-exchange and send us the following documents before the deadline:

  • Learning Agreement
  • Language certificate*
  • CV

*If only German courses are chosen, then we only need the result of the German C-Test, please include your score in the uni-exchange application; if only English courses are chosen, we only need an English certificate; and if English and German courses are selected we need an English language certificate and the result of the German C-Test.

You can send the documents either by E-mail ( ) or by regular mail to:

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Lebenswissenschaftliche Fakultät, ADTI
Herr PD Dr. Frank Riesbeck
Invalidenstr. 42
10115 Berlin Germany


If you do not submit all necessary documents prior to the deadline or if you do not apply on uni-exchange we cannot accept your Erasmus application!

We will write our letter of confirmation to the coordinator at your home university within 4 weeks after the application deadline.

Reservation of student accommodation

If you wish accommodation in a student dormitory, you will find the necessary information at

You can register in "uni-exchange" during the application process.

Information about German language test “C-Test” for ERASMUS-Students


For students attending courses in German

As part of the online application, every applicant must take the mandatory German language placement test. Admission to studies at Humboldt-Universität depends on the result of this language test. You need at least 61 out of 100 Points (Level B2, European Reference Framework). Otherwise, it is not guaranteed that you will receive ECTS (Credit Points).

If you get a C-Test result of 61 points or more during your online application, we highly recommend taking the intensive German language course before the semester starts. If you get a C-Test result below 61 points, it is mandatory to take the intensive German language course before the semester starts.

The C-test is online at

Please add the points and the date of the C-Test at the end of the online application.

The online application you can find at


For students only attending English courses:


If students only attend modules in which the language of instruction is English, then the Erasmus student must provide proof of the required level of English language-proficiency (B2). Students should also have a basic command of the German language; those students can, but do not have to, take the C-Test.