Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institut für Agrar- und Gartenbauwissenschaften



Can I choose course from the Institute of Biology/Geography/Economics etc.?

No, that is not possible. If your Erasmus coordinator nominates you to study at the  Thaer- Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture at HU Berlin you can only study at this institute. You cannot choose courses from outside the institute, because that is not covered by the Erasmus contract between the Thaer-Institute at HU Berlin and your home university.


Can I take an exam earlier?

This is up to the examiner. There are fixed examination periods at HU Berlin, but if you ask the examiners politely and explain your situtaion they might make an exception for you. However, note that you are not entitled to an earlier exam.


When do I get my Transcript of Records?

Your transcript will be written once all of the "Scheine" or course certificates from your courses that are on your Learning Agreement (LA) are in the Erasmus office. The certificates are collected in the Erasmus office and then passed on to the exam office where the transcript will be prepared. Once the transcript has been prepared, the original document will be sent your home university via regular mail and you recieve a copy of it as a scan.

Please make sure to notify the Erasmus office of any changes made in your LA!!!


How do I register for my courses?

Course registration is done on Agnes. Click on the course you would like to attend and then you can register for the course. Please note that you need to be logged in to your HU account to register! You might have the option to choose from different times before registering.

If it says "no online registration possible" on Agnes, you cannot register online but rather register with the Prof. directly in the first lecture.


How do I register for exams?

Please register directly with your examiner. You do not need to register online. Just walk up to your examiner after one of the lectures and let them know that you are an Erasmus student and you want to take the exam with them.


I want to study at Humboldt, how can I apply?

Please go to the link to get an overview over the international programs of HU and ways to study at HU Berlin. The Erasmus office at the Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture can only advise Erasmus+ Europe students as we do not have access to information about other programs.

Students from an Erasmus+ Europe partner university please contact your Erasmus coordinator at your home university. You have to be nominated by your Erasmus coordinator first before applying at HU Berlin. Click here for further information on the application procedere for Erasmus+ Europe program participants.