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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Lebenswissenschaftliche Fakultät - Gender und Globalisierung

Anne Aswani Musotsi


PhD Title: "Influence of Consumption of African Indigenous Vegetables on Food Security of Households in Kenya"


Brief Description of my PhD project: In my PhD, I am studying the food consumption habits of households in Kenya and how these influence consumption of African Indigenous Vegetables (AIVs). I will be investigating preparation and cooking methods used for AIVs and their contribution to food and nutrition security of households. Preliminary results show that dimensions of gender, socio-economic status, time and price of AIVs are factors that influence consumption of AIVs at household level. Also, there are differences in consumption in urban (Nairobi), peri-urban (Nakuru), and rural (Kakamega) areas. Further research is underway to verify whether there are differences in consumption between men and women, and also people of different socio-economic status.


Professional Experience:

  • PhD. Student/ Researcher at African Centre of Technology Studies (ACTS) - Kenya on the GLObE-HORTINLEA project; SP 7b- Meal Cultures. SP 7b is based in the Division of Gender and Globalization, Humboldt University of Berlin

  • Previously conducted research on Recipe documentation of African Indigenous Vegetables and their role in food security in western Kenya; study funded by Bioversity International

  • Conducted a study on the role of Home gardening on food security of households in western Kenya as part of Master of Science degree in Community Nutrition and Development


Teilprojekt 7b „Meal cultures in markets trends and consumption habits”