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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Lebenswissenschaftliche Fakultät - Gender und Globalisierung


Ana Alvarenga de Castro.text.image0    Ana Alvarenga de Castro


PhD Title: “Family agriculture facing mining in Brazil - gender perspectives on food sovereignty”

Brief Description of my PhD project: Minas-Rio system depreciates food sovereignty through the impacts on family agriculture in a total area of 30 thousand hectares in the Southeast Brazil. According to official data, from 5.000 small farmers producing important items for the region household, around half are women, and they suffer from the inequalities on the access to land, food and natural resources. The hypothesis here is that Minas-Rio establishment makes gender inequalities worse, leading to a limitation of family farming's sustainable livelihoods. The Feminist Political Ecology is an interdisciplinary epistemology that helps face the challenge of denaturalising “women's roles”, which have frequently been biologically explained, and go further on the gender bias. The researcher carries out a critical analysis of the gender inequalities related to food sovereignty in the case Minas-Rio.


Professional Experience:

  • Social-environmental and Agroecology Consultancy in Brazil

  • Political Ecology and Environmental Justice Research

  • Environmental Analysis