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Teaching in the Common Laboratory of Analysis

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 completed theses  (Dr. Kirsten Weiß, first curator)


Please pay attentention to the offered topics for BSc- an MSc -Theses



Responsibilities of the Common Labarotory of Analysis in the field of teaching, education and job training


1. Supervising of Ph.D.- , Bachelor- and Master- students  throughout their scientific thesis within the CLA (methodological trainig).

see also: Overview (graphic) about the  Ph.D., students and trainees, who worked here during previous years in the CLA 


2. "Bridge module" for beginners
3. Introduction to Methods  (for students, who want to prepare their experiments for scientific projects and/or  Bachelor- or Master- Theses )  „Methods of scientific work in the Common Laboratora of Analysis of the FAH“

4. Practical course (tutorial) for students   as well as in the form of the lectures  as in the frame of the  "DAAD"

5. Participation in job-training  within the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for Chemical Laborarories as part of our Conception of Job training

6. Practical courses for scholars