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Annual meeting of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation from June 28 to 30, 2023 and reception by the Federal President of Germany
As a participant in the 2023 annual conference, our guest scientist reports Dr. Oluwaseun Iyasere about her impressions:

„This year's annual meeting marks the 70th Anniversary of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and the tradition is to invite all the scholars (and their families) for a meeting with the Federal President of Germany.

As one of the scholars of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation under the category of the Georg Forster-experienced research fellow at Humboldt University since 2021 at the Animal Husbandry Systems and Ethology with Prof. Dr. Edna Hillmann as my host, I was one of the attendees at the meeting this year.

The 29th of June, 2023, will remain a remarkable day in my life: meeting the President of Germany, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and the President of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl.

Within one minute of having contact with Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl, I was able to discuss the implications of climate change on animal welfare and the need for research in this area.

Another highlight of the meeting was the provision made for fellows to speak about what is next for them in their research.


What is next for me

is to extend the scope of my research to One Welfare. The moment we humans realise that there is a direct relationship between animal welfare, human welfare, and the environment, it is then that we can convince the masses about its importance.

My sincere appreciation goes to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for supporting researchers all over the world to become the best in their careers.

Attached are some pictures

Warm Regards


Link to website of the Humboldt-Foundation

Here you can find out more about Oluwaseun Iyasere


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.. Selfie with the President of Germany
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My children and me
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Conversation with the President of the Humboldt-Foundation



Final report of the „National Animal Welfare Monitoring" project handed over


Photo: Holger Groß

In cooperation with the teaching and research station for livestock sciences in Dahlem and practice partners in various companies, data from sheep and goats in relation to husbandry, transport and slaughter were recorded and evaluated in a sub-project headed by Prof. Edna Hillmann.

Photo: Edna Hillmann

These evaluations were included in the final report on national animal welfare monitoring, which was handed over to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture on June 22, 2023.


More information can be found here...

Click here for the website of the sub-project „NaTiMon”...




M. Schulz bei der GWP-Preisverleihung
Photo: Michaela Schulz
GWP sponsorship award for our Master's graduate
Michaela Schulz

Society for the Advancement of Science around the Horse (GWP)
annually awards prizes to the best bachelor’s and master’s theses.

This year's winners include Michaela Schulz, who will write her master's thesis in 2022 on the topic „Equestrians’ attitude towards different housing systems for horses” i.a. wrote in our field.

The award ceremony (see photo) took place on March 13, 2023 as part of the Equitana horse fair in Essen.