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Aims of Research in Precision Agriculture

The aim of Precision Agriculture is to improve the accuracy of management measures, depending on soil- and crop heterogeneity within fields by the means of modern control units and information technologies. This new technology facilitates a purposeful and adapted procedure-strategy for analyzing and reacting to address the soil- and crop heterogeneity. An information and management cycle is being set up by the means of positioning systems (GPS and DGPS), sensors and actors, concerning site-specific yield mapping and application of fertilizers, seed, tillage and plant protection agents. In the field of Precision Lifestock Farming these new technologies refer to adapted measures that are oriented towards the single animal. An additional benefit results from comprehension of production processes (information management) down to the scale of management units / single animal to meet the highest environmental and production standards. To meet these aims, high precision within agricultural production is needed, whereas these innovative technologies of Precision Agriculture play an important role.
Main focus of the exercises: Relational database systems and geographical information systems (GIS) in Precision Farming.

An introduction in Precision Agriculture:
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 Precision Agriculture                                  AS                                   Summer                                    Herbst, Kaufmann



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 Holistic approaches for sustainable use-        INRM                              Summer                                   Herbst, Hoffmann

 Organic Farming and Precision Agriculture


AS        Agriculture Science

INRM    Integrated Natural Ressource Management