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All modules are guided online with the e-learning- and communicationplatform Moodle Logo . The course participants will receive the course key from the lecturer and the tutors. If you are not familiar with moodle there are moodle instructions which may help you.

Study Projects

Rules for Student Projects

Study projects offered:

Modules in Bachelor programmes

Umwelt- und Ressourcenökonomie I
Introduction and Outline (Sommersemester)

Modules in Master programmes

Summer Semester

Environmental and Resource Economics
(Summer Semester)
Winter Semester
Advanced Environmental and Resource Economics
(Winter Semester)
Institutional Economics and Political Economy
(Winter Semester)
Summer and Winter Semester
Master Colloquium
Colloquium for students writing their Master thesis

Modules for PhD Training

Colloquium on Resource Economics (CORE)

Research is a social process in which the members of the Resource Economics Group (REG) actively take part. To this end, the Colloquium on Resource Economics (CORE) serves as a platform for the collective learning following the rules and methods of scientific discourse. It takes place in the seminar room of the Group (Philippstr. 13, room 1.22, second floor).

Contact: Angelika Vogt


Doctoral Certificate Program in Agricultural Economics