Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Resource Economics


Thesis supervision at the Resource Economics Group

Master Thesis


  1. Consult the topics list, the Resource Economics Group website, other students or scientists that work in or collaborate with the Resource Economics Group, and discuss ideas in the ERE III module. The ERE III module is specifically intended to prepare a thesis.
  2. Informal request for master thesis supervision per pdf request form, in English or German), and send it to Renate Judis (for IMRD) or Ines Jeworski (other programs). This form is the basis for checking whether a thesis can be supervised at the Resource Economics Group. The request might be declined if a supervision is not possible within the available competences and capacities at the Resource Economics Group.
  3. At an appointment with Klaus Eisenack and a second supervisor: the topic, the approach, the responsible supervisors, and the tentative time plan are discussed. The decision about the supervision and the official topic will be made after this appointment.
  4. After confirmation: If available, contact to other MA thesis students and PhDs with similar/earlier topics is established. Work can begin.
  5. Official registration of the master thesis needs to be done, after consultation with supervisor, not more than 6 months before submission.
  6. Every master student is obliged to participate in the master colloquium (MaKo). It is also obligatory to defend the thesis after submission at MaKo.

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