Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - 114th Seminar of the EAAE


The seminar will be based on oral presentations in plenary sessions by invited speakers and in parallel workgroups.

You can find the program and seminar schedule » here.


Thursday, April 15

from 8:00    Registration
9:00 - 10:40    Plenary Session I     Chair: Martin Odening
  • Agricultural policy and structural change: A spatial approach
   Christoph Weiss, Vienna University of Economics and Business      » presentation
  • Farm efficiency and structural change
    Antonio M. Álvarez
    , University of Oviedo       » presentation

11:10 - 12:30    Plenary Session II    Chair: Harald Grethe
  • Modeling farm structural change for policy analysis
    Thomas Heckelei
    , University of Bonn        » presentation
  • Structural change in agricultural markets following the biofuels boom
    Thomas Hertel
    , Purdue University

14:00 - 15:30   Parallel Session I a: Farm exits and factor mobility       Chair: Martin Petrick

Structural changes in U.S. agriculture: Financial performance of farms in transition
Ani L. Katchova » full paper   |   » presentation

Determinants of farm exit: A comparison between Europe and United States
Ashok K. Mishra; Meri Raggi; Davide Viaggi » full paper   |   » presentation

Sectoral mobility of production factors in agriculture and predictions for the future
Valerie Vandermeulen; Evy Mettepenningen; Mieke Calus » full paper   |   » presentation

14:00 - 15:30   Parallel Session I b: Decision making of farmers            Chair: Cornelis Gardebroek

Environmental and production cost impacts of no-till: Estimates from observed behaviour
Marita Laukkanen; Céline Nauges » full paper    |   » presentation

Some like to join, others to deliver. An econometric analysis of farmers’ relationships with agricultural co-operatives
Stefano Pascucci; Cornelis Gardebroek
» full paper   |   » presentation

Linking marketing choices with farming practices of grain producers: A farm level modeling approach applied to the South-western France
Aymeric Ricome; Charilaos Képhaliacos; Françoise Carpy-Goulard; Aude Ridier; Karim Chaïb
» full paper   |   » presentation

14:00 - 15:30   Parallel Session I c: Growth and investment                    Chair: Karin Larsén

Farm growth in Hungary, Slovenia and France
Lajos Zoltán Bakucs; Štefan Bojnec; Imre Fertő; Laure Latruffe » full paper   |   » presentation

Contracts, payment delays and firm growth: Evidence from Bulgarian agriculture
Johan F.M. Swinnen; Kristine Van Herck
» full paper   |   » presentation

Growth of German dairy farms under the EU milk quota
Gunnar Breustedt; Martin Mees
» full paper   |   » presentation

16:00 – 17:30   Parallel Session II a: Equilibrium modeling                      Chair: Alan Matthews

Modelling the consequences of increasing bioenergy demand on land and feed use
Martin Banse; A. Tabeau; H. van Meijl; G. Woltjer » full paper    |   » presentation

Farm level effects of EU policy liberalization: Simulations based on an EU-wide agricultural sector model and a supply model of the German agricultural sector
André Deppermann; Harald Grethe; Frank Offermann
» full paper   |   » presentation

Analysis of policy interventions in tradable permits
Jeroen Buysse; Bart Van der Straeten; Stephan Nolte; Dakerlia Claeys; Ludwig Lauwers; Guido Van Huylenbroeck
» full paper   |   » presentation

16:00 – 17:30   Parallel Session II b: Market dynamics and marketing strategies    Chair: Silke Hüttel

Structural change in European calf markets: Policy decoupling and movement restrictions
Rico Ihle; Bernhard Brümmer; Stanley R. Thompson
» full paper    |    » presentation

The deterministic and speculative component of the terms of trade of primary commodities: An “Eclectic” Real Option value approach
Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo, Sara Savastano, Antonio Vezzani » full paper
    |    » presentation

Oligopoly and price transmission in Turkey’s fluid milk market
Hasan Tekgüç
» full paper   |    » presentation

16:00 – 17:30   Parallel Session II c: Structural change in the dairy sector     Chair: Johannes Sauer

Structural change in the EU dairy sector
Jack Peerlings; Nico Polman; Noortje Krol
» full paper    |    » presentation
Structural change of European dairy farms – A cross-regional analysis
Andrea Zimmermann; Thomas Heckelei
» full paper   |    » presentation

An analysis of milk quota abolition impact on Scottish farmers’ behaviour
Luiza Toma; Andrew Barnes; Alan Renwick
» full paper   |    » presentation

Friday, April 16

8:30 - 10:00   Parallel Session III a: Agent-based modeling, real options and experiments    Chair: Gunnar Breustedt

Coordination and allocation on land markets under increasing scale economies and heterogeneous actors – An experimental study
Alfons Balmann; Konrad Kellermann; Karin Larsén, Serena Sandri, Christian Schade » full paper
   |    » presentation

Modelling structural change in the agricultural sector – An Agent-based approach using FADN data from individual farms
Anke Möhring; Albert Zimmermann; Gabriele Mack; Stefan Mann; Ali Ferjani; Maria-Pia Gennaio

» full paper   |    » presentation

Assessing agricultural policy incentives for Greek organic agriculture: A Real options approach
Irene Tzouramani; Alexandra Sintori; Aggelos Liontakis; George Alexopoulos
» full paper   |   » presentation

8:30 - 10:00   Parallel Session III b: Policy impacts I    Chair: Jeroen Buysse

An investigation into the impact of policy reform on the level of structural change in the agri-food sector of Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands
Daragh Clancy; Andrius Kazukauskas; Carol Newman; Fiona Thorne » full paper   |    » presentation

Promoting global agricultural growth and poverty reduction
Maros Ivanic; Will Martin
» full paper   |    » presentation

Distribution of beef cattle in Scotland: How important is agricultural policy?
Alan Renwick; Cesar Revoredo-Giha; Steven Thomson; Philip Leat; Sian Ringrose
» full paper   |    » presentation

8:30 - 10:00   Parallel Session III c: Efficiency    Chair: Marita Laukkanen

CAP reform and its impact on structural change and productivity growth: A cross country analysis
Andrius Kazukauskas; Carol Newman » full paper
   |    » presentation

A structural change analysis of the cost efficiency of farms in Scotland 1989-2008
Cesar Revoredo-Giha; Philip Leat; Catherine Milne
» full paper   |    » presentation

Measurement of dynamic efficiency, a directional distance function parametric approach
Teresa Serra; Spiro Stefanou; Alfons Oude Lansink
» full paper   |    » presentation

10:30 - 12:00   Parallel Session IV a:     Technical change and innovation    Chair: Stefan Mann

Subsidies, production structure and technical change – A cross-country comparison
Nigel Key; Laure Latruffe; Johannes Sauer
» full paper

Technology diffusion, farm size structure and regional land competition in dynamic partial equilibrium
Heikki Lehtonen
» full paper   |    » presentation

Real option models for simulating digester system adoption on livestock farms in Emilia-Romagna
Fabio Bartolini; Vittorio Gallerani; Davide Viaggi
  » full paper   |    » presentation

10:30 - 12:00   Parallel Session IV b: Policy impacts II    Chair: Dieter Kirschke

Rural development policies at regional level in the enlarged EU. The impact of farm structures
Elisa Montresor; Francesco Pecci; Nicola Pontarollo » full paper
   |    » presentation

Modelling the effects of an abolition of the EU sugar quota on internal prices, production and imports

Stephan Nolte; Jeroen Buysse; Bart Van der Straeten; Dakerlia Claeys; Ludwig Lauwers; Guido Van Huylenbroeck
» full paper   |   » presentation

Access to credit, factor allocation and farm productivity: Evidence from the CEE economies
Jan Falkowski, Pavel Ciaian, d’Artis Kancs
» full paper   |    » presentation

10:30 - 12:00   Parallel Session IV c: Farm size and land concentration   Chair: Alfons Balmann

Regional asymmetries in farm size
Silke Hüttel; Anne Margarian; Vanessa von Schlippenbach
» full paper   |   » presentation

How do agricultural policies influence farmland concentration? The example of France
Laurent Piet; Yann Desjeux; Laure Latruffe; Chantal Le Mouel
» full paper  | » presentation       

Returns to scale and dynamics of multiple enterprises

Robert D. Weaver
» full paper

13:00 - 14:00   Poster Session    

14:00 - 15:00   Parallel Session V a: Labor allocation and livelihoods    Chair: Stephan Nolte

Job creation and job destruction in the EU agriculture

Pavel Ciaian; Liesbeth Dries; d’Artis Kancs » full paper
   |   » presentation

Trends in family labour, hired labour and contract work on French and Swiss crop farms: The role of agricultural policies
Pierre Dupraz; Laure Latruffe; Stefan Mann » full paper
   |   » presentation

14:00 - 15:00   Parallel Session V b: Policy design    Chair: Patrick Westhoff

Modelling the impact of EAFRD policies on rural development and structural change
Julia Schmid; Astrid Häger; Jurt Jechlitschka; Dieter Kirschke » full paper
   |   » presentation

Modelling economies of scale, energy use and farm size to reduce GHG: On contrasting “High-Tec”-agriculture with labour intensive farming
Ernst-August Nuppenau » full paper
    |   » presentation

14:00 - 15:00   Parallel Session V c: Risk and data   Chair: Heikki Lethonen

Recovery of incomplete agricultural land uses and livestock numbers by entropy

Maria Martins; Rui Fragoso; António Xavier » full paper

A dynamic dual model under state-contingent production uncertainty
Teresa Serra;Spiro Stefanou; Alfons Oude Lansink » full paper
   |   » presentation

15:30 - 17:00    Plenary Session III     Chair: Silke Hüttel

Innovation behaviour at farm level – selection and identification
Johannes Sauer; David Zilberman » full paper

CAP effects on labour use in agriculture: Evidence from alternative dynamic panel data models

Martin Petrick; Patrick Zier » full paper
   |   » presentation

Making the market: How US policy influences near term agriculture and biofuel industry production and profitability under technology adoption
Seth Meyer; Julian Binfield; Patrick Westhoff » full paper
   |   » presentation

B. Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

Appel, F.; Sahrbacher, C.; Balmann, A.; Ostermeyer, A.: Impact of fluctuating prices on farm income and structural change

Bakucs, Z.; Fertő, I.;  : Assessment of the impact of EU accession upon farms’ technical efficiency in the New Member States with special emphasis on the farm type

Banse, M.; Grethe, H.; Henseler, M.: Import bans for feedstock containing GMO: The case of soy products in the EU

Bartolini, F.; Viaggi, D.; Ronchi, D. Gomez y Paloma S.; Sammeth, F.: The effects of future CAP reforms on farming sustainability and investment behaviour » full paper

Bartolini, F.; Sardonini, L.; Viaggi, D.: Determinants of farm size expansion among EU farmers » full paper

Beckmann, V.; Consmüller, N.: Agricultural structures, public regulation and technology adoption: The case of GM crops in Europe

Begalli, D.; Codurri, S.; Gaeta, D.: Grapes for wine or grapes for bioenergy? A critical proposal for an Italian wine district

Bekchanov, M.; Müller, M.; Lamers, J.: Modeling river flow frequency impact on productivity of irrigated lands and general welfare in rural economies in Central Asia

Berlinschi, R.; Van Herck, K.: Impact of subsidies on agricultural employment

Bodini, A.: Farm size, economic performance and efficiency: A DEA application to Italian FADN-data

Boysen, O.; Schröder, C.: Structural change in the German dairy industry

Consmüller, N.; Beckmann, V.; Petrick, M.: The development of GMO-free zones in Germany: an econometric analysis

Delpeuch, C.; Vandeplas, A.; Swinnen, J.: Market structure and performance: An attempt at formalizing the West African "cotton problem"

Dos Santos, M.; Henriques, P.; Fragoso, R.; De Silva Carvalho, M. : The impacts of Health-Check’ 2003 CAP reform and the water framework directive on farm’s structural change in the new public irrigation project of Alqueva: A Portuguese case study

Ehlers, M.H.: The evolution of agricultural biogas entrepreneurship and relating farming structures in Germany

Fehér, A.; Czimbalmos, R.; Kovács, G.; Szepesy, E.: Increasing farm concentration in Hungary driven by RDP payments and the motivation of farmers

Fellmann, T.; Möllers, J.: How can the CAP address small farms in order to promote structural change? A case study of Croatian family farms anticipating EU accession
 » full paper

Ferjani, A.; Zimmermann, A.; Reissig, L.; Mann, S.: Decreasing of organic farming in Switzerland: Opting out or structural change?

Fernández, Z.; Quiroga, S.: Analysing the structural implications of water policies on crop systems in the Mediterranean

Henke, R; Pierangeli, F.; Solazzo, R.; Vanni, F.: Agricultures in Europe: Changing roles and functions of the primary sector in the regional  economic systems

Jan, P.: Productivity change of Swiss dairy farms located in the mountainous area

Manevska - Tasevska, G.; Hansson, H.: Influence of resource and financial perspective of farm size on the efficiency of grape-growing family farms: A case of a labour intensive agricultural production

Miller, A.C.: The impact of further CAP reform on Irish economic and farm structures

Möller, T.; Grethe, H.: Good prospects: Cereal and oilseed production in Germany under climate change

Morrison Paul, C.; Sauer, J.: Distinguishing different industry technologies and localized technical change

Murphy, G.; Hynes, S.; Murphy, E.: The extent of active farmer participation behaviour in the Rural Environment Protection Scheme (REPS)

Mutuc, M.; Rejesus, R.: The impact of farmer field schools on knowledge, insecticide use and yields: A study of rice farmers in Vietnam

Nowicki, P.; Banse, M.; van Meijl, H.: Integrating decomposition analysis within the macro-economic modelling used for scenario studies

Pascucci, S.; Dries, L.: Changing farmer strategies in Italy

Prehn, S.: Payments decoupling and the Intra-European calf trade

Rösch, A.: Economic trends in agriculture in the Swiss mountain region

Sauer, J.: Deregulation and production systems - A Bayesian distance function approach

Scandizzo, P.; Savastano, S.; Paolantonio, A.: Adaptation to climate change and real options in small holder agriculture

Sintori, A.; Rozakis, S.: A multi-criteria model to analyze decision making in different farm structures: The case of dairy sheep farming in Greece » full paper

Slaston, R.; Larsen, K.: Assessment of efficiency and impact of specific factors on wheat cultivation in Ukrainian agricultural enterprises » full paper

Terluin, I.; Godeschalk, F.E.; Verhoog, D.: Analysis of the development of agricultural structures in EU regions, 1980-2000 » full paper

Tietje, C.; Gardebroek, C.: Do wheat prices follow oil prices? A bivariate time series approach

Toma, L.; Sutherland, L.: Determinants of land use behaviour in Scotland: A structural equation modelling approach

Tongruksawattana, S. ; Völker, M.; Schmidt, E., Waibel, H.: Incorporating vulnerability to poverty in farm level models: Experiences from Thailand and Vietnam

Van Herck, K.; Swinnen, J.F.M.: Where have all the farmers gone? EU accession and structural change in Bulgaria

Viaggi, D.; Raggi, M.; Sardonini, L.: Farm investment behaviour in the EU: An ex post analysis through panal data » full paper

Viaggi, D.; Raggi, M.; Sardonini, L.: Identifying and explaining farms typologies based on strategic reaction to policy
» full paper

Yuan, M.: The impact of regional climate change policy on the land-use structure: A CGE approach