Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture

Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture No. 2/06

WTO farm reform – my losses, your gains?
Stefan Tangermann, Paris, France

A comparison of parametric and semi-parametric estimators of farm profit-accounting for sample design in household surveys
Dean Jolliffe, Washington, DC, USA, and Bonn, Germany

Economic evaluation of transgenic pest resistant rice in the Philippines and Vietnam
Cezar B. Mamaril, Laguna, Philippines, and George W. Norton, Blacksburg, VA, USA

Cropping system, technical efficiency and policy options: a stochastic frontier analysis of Nigerian small-scale farmers
Igbekele A. Ajibefun, Akure, Nigeria

Farmers’ perceptions and adoption of modern rice varieties in Nepal
Ganesh R. Joshi, Kathmandu, Nepal, and Sushil Pandey, Los Banos, Philippines

Book reviews

Institutional Reforms in Indian Irrigation.
Michael F. Gengenbach, Wageningen, The Netherlands

ALANEN, ILKKA (ed.) (2005):
Mapping the Rural Problem in the Baltic Countryside – Transition Processes in the Rural Areas of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Ewa Rabinowicz, Lund, Sweden

Credit Rationing of Polish Farm Households: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis. Studies on the Agricultural and Food Sector in Central and Eastern Europe.
Xiangping Jia, Beijing, China

ANDERSON, KYM and TIM JOSLING (eds.) (2005):
The WTO and Agriculture. Volume I and II.
Sabine Daude, Stuttgart, Germany

COOPER, JOSEPH (ed.) (2005):
Global Agricultural Policy Reform and Trade. Environmental Gains and Losses.
Angela M. Hau, Stuttgart, Germany

HIM CHUNG (2004):
China’s Rural Market Development in the Reform Era.
Frithjof Kuhnen, Goettingen, Germany