Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture

INDEX VOL. 44 (2005)

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Agne, Stefan and Hermann Waibel:
Estimation of pesticide demand using farm level data: a case study of coffee production in Costa Rica
No. 2: 141-154

Alene, Arega D.; Manfred Zeller, Stefan Schwarze and Nunung Nuryartono:
The extent and determinants of production efficiency of farmers in the rainforest margins in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia:
implications for land use and support services

No. 4: 335-353

Alene, Arega D.; Rashid M. Hassan and Mulat Demeke:
The technical and cost efficiencies of hybrid maize production in western Ethiopia
No. 2: 167-182

Barrett, Christopher B.; Mesfin Bezuneh Clark; Daniel C. Clay and Thomas Reardon:
Heterogeneous constraints, incentives and income diversification strategies in rural Africa
No. 1: 37-60

Bogale, Ayalneh; Konrad Hagedorn and Benedikt Korf:
Determinants of poverty in rural Ethiopia
No. 2: 101-120

Buchenrieder, Gertrud:
Determinants and effects of non-farm rural employment
No. 1: 1-2

Buchenrieder, Gertrud:
Non-farm rural employment - review of issues, evidence and policies
No. 1: 3-18

de Haen, Hartwig:
Promoting agriculture for poverty reduction -
building on the new political commitments
No. 4: 327-334

Fuglie, Keith O.; Dao Huy Chien, Li Thi Yen and Rini Asmunati:
Market integration and price stability of vegetables in Vietnam
No. 4: 371-379

Hareau, Guy G.; George W. Norton; Bradford F. Mills and Everett Peterson:
Potential benefits of transgenic rice in Asia: a general equilibrium analysis
No. 3: 229-246

Hearne, Robert R. and Mirel Volcan:
The use of Choice Experiments to analyze consumer preferences for ecolabeled and organic produce in Costa Rica
No. 4: 381-397

Jefferson-Moore, Kenrett Y.; Greg Traxler and Henry Kinnucan:
Value-enhanced genetically modified crops: research incentives and implications for developing countries
No. 3: 311-326

Möllers, Judith and Gertrud Buchenrieder:
Theoretical concepts for the analysis of non-farm rural employment
No. 1: 19-36

Odhiambo, Walter and Hezron Nyangito:
Sources of agricultural growth in Kenya: implications for poverty reduction
No. 4: 355-369

Pray, Carl E.; Prajakta Bengali and Bharat Ramaswami:
The cost of biosafety regulations: the Indian experience
No. 3: 267-289

Qaim, Matin and Franz Heidhues:
Agricultural biotechnology in developing countries: impacts, institutional issues and policy implications
No. 3: 201-206

Qaim, Matin and Ira Matuschke:
Impacts of genetically modified crops in developing countries: a survey
No. 3: 207-227

Rahji, M.A.Y. and A.O. Falusi:
A gender analysis of farm households labour use and its impacts on household income in southwestern Nigeria
No. 2: 155-166

Schwarze, Stefan and Manfred Zeller:
Income diversification of rural households in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
No. 1: 61-74

Tothova, Monika and James F. Oehmke:
Whom to join? The small country dilemma in adopting GM crops in a fragmented trade environment
No. 3: 291-310

von Braun, Joachim:
The Millennium Development Goals in need of strategy and instruments - agriculture and rural development matter
No. 2: 95-100

Wale, Edilegnaw; Karin Holm-Müller; John Mburu and Manfred Zeller:
Economic analysis of farmers' preferences for coffee variety attributes: lessons for on-farm conservation and variety adoption in Ethiopia
No. 2: 121-140

Zilberman, David and Gregory Graff:
IPR innovation and the evolution of biotechnology in developing countries
No. 3: 247-266


Book reviews (Name of reviewer in brackets)

Bin Wu (2003):
Sustainable Development in Rural China. Farmer innovation and self-organization in marginal areas.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 2: 205-207

Anania, Giovanni, Mary E. Bohman, Colin A. Carter and Alex F. McCalla (eds.) (2004):
Agricultural Policy Reform and the WTO. Where Are We Heading?
(Clemens Breisinger)
No. 2: 188-191

Bossen, Laurel (2002):
Chinese Women and Rural Development. Sixty Years of Change in Lu Village, Yunnan.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 1: 91-94

Brouwer, Floor (ed.) (2004):
Sustaining Agriculture and the Rural Environment. Governance, Policy and Multifunctionality.
(Aad van Tilburg)
No. 4: 403-405

Coleman, W.; W. Grant and T. Josling (2004):
Agriculture in the New Global Economy.
(Marcus Mergenthaler)
No. 2: 185-187

Dekker, Henri A.L. (2003):
Property Rights in Transition, Land Reform, Food Security and Economic Development. A Case Study in the Kyrgyz Republic.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 2: 197-200

Engelbert, Thomas and Hans Dieter Kubitscheck (eds.) (2004):
Ethnic Minorities and Politics in Southeast Asia.
(Rüdiger Korff)
No. 1: 89-90

Gold, Lorna (2004):
The Sharing Economy. Solidarity Networks Transforming Globalization.
(Rüdiger Korff)
No. 2: 192-196

Leeuwis, Cees with contributions from van den Ban, Anne (2004):
Communication for Rural Innovation: Rethinking Agricultural Extension (Third Edition).
(Uwe Jens Nagel)
No. 1: 86-88

Lerman, Zvi; Csaba Csaki and Gershon Feder (2004):
Agriculture in Transition: Land Policies and Evolving Farm Structures in Post-Soviet Countries.
(Ulrich Koester)
No. 4: 399-402

Lütteken, Antonia (2002):
Agrar-Umweltpolitik im Transformationsprozess - Das Beispiel Polen.
[Agri-environmental Policy in the Transition Process: The Case of Poland].
(Regina Birner)
No. 1: 81-85

Matthäus-Meier, Ingrid and J. D. von Pischke (eds.) (2004):
The Development of the Financial Sector in Southeast Europe:
Innovative Approaches in Volatile Environments.
(Manfred Zeller)
No. 2: 183-184

Pardey, Philip G. and Vincent H. Smith (2004):
What's Economics Worth? Valuing Policy Research.
(Angela M. Hau)
No. 1: 78-80

Runge, C. Ford; B. Senauer; P.G. Pardey and M.W. Rosegrant (2003):
Ending Hunger in our Lifetime. Food Security and Globalization.
(Peter von Blanckenburg)
No. 4: 409-411

Steger, U.; W. Achterberg; K. Blok; H. Bode; W. Frenz; C. Gather; G. Hanekamp; D. Imboden; M. Jahnke; M. Kost; R. Kurz; H.G. Nutzinger and T.H.W. Ziesemer (2005):
Sustainable Development and Innovation in the Energy Sector.
(Marianne Haug)
No. 4: 406-408

Tietenberg, T. and H. Folmer (eds.) (2004):
The International Yearbook of Environmental and Resource Economics 2004/2005.
(Michel Griffon)
No. 1: 75-77

van Kooten, G. Cornelis and Henk Folmer (2004):
Land and Forest Economics.
(Frithjof Kuhnen)
No. 4: 412-414