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CEESA Discussion Papers

CEESA Discussion Papers

Central and Eastern European Sustainable Agricultural Network (CEESA)



19 Veronika Krumalova and Stefan Bäckman Agriculture and Protection of Landscape Area of the White Carpathians PDF Icon

18 Adam Wasilewski and Thomas Sikor Institutional Options for the Protection of Open Space: Evidence from Poland PDF Icon

17 Insa Theesfeld and Ivan Boevsky A Breach of Tradition During Socialism - the Case of Water Syndicates in Bulgaria PDF Icon

16 Franz Gatzweiler Patterns of Institutional Change for Sustainability in Central and Eastern European Agriculture PDF Icon

14 Andrej Udov and Ana Barbic Protection of Environment and Biodiversity for Sustainable Future of Rural Areas: The Case of Planned Regional Park of Trnovski Gozd, Slovenia PDF Icon

13 Luiza Toma Policy Recommendations for Pursuing a Sustainable Agriculture in a Small Rural Community in Romania PDF Icon

12 Lutz Laschewski Systems of Local Self-Administration after Agricultural Transformation – Experiences of a local resource management project in East Germany PDF Icon

11 John Sumelius, Zoran Grgic, Milan Mesic and Ramona Franic Farm level cost of reducing nitrate leaching by economic instruments in Croatian farming systems PDF Icon

10 Thomas Sikor The Commons in Transition PDF Icon

9 Christian Schleyer Economic and Ecological Transformation Processes in East German Water Management Regimes: The Role of Property Rights and Governance Structures PDF Icon

8 Adam Wasilewski and Krzysztof Krukowski Land Conversion for Suburban Housing: A Study of Urbanisation around Warsaw and Olsztyn, Poland PDF Icon

7 Ivan Penov The Use of Irrigation Water During Transition in Bulgaria's Plovdiv Region PDF Icon

6 Tomá Ratinger and Veronika Krumalová Provision of Environmental Goods on Potentially Abandoned Land - The White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area PDF Icon

5 Insa Theesfeld Constraints for Collective Action in Bulgarias Irrigation Sector PDF Icon

4 Franz Gatzweiler and Konrad Hagedorn The Evolution of Institutions in Transition PDF Icon

3 Anett Zellei Challenges for Agri-Environmental Policies in CEE Countries PDF Icon

2 Gatzweiler, Sipiläinen, Bäckman, Zellei Analysing Institutions, Policies, & Farming Systems for Sustainable Agriculture in Central and Eastern European Countries in Transition PDF Icon

1 Louis H.G.Slangen Sustainable Agriculture - Getting the Institutions Right PDF Icon