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Research concepts

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Institutions of Sustainability

Following the four key elements of the IoS framework, it depends on the properties of transactions and the characteritics of actors which institutions will emerge and by which governance structures they will be put into practice

Analytical framework 
The analytical framework Institutions of Sustainability (IoS) focusses on institutions (sets of rules) and governance structures (forms of organisation) which coordinate the co-evolution of natural and social systems

Integrative Institutions

Integrative institutions make decision makers liable for all costs, and eligible for all benefits, they cause by their actions, both positive and negative effects are exclusively allocated to themselves and not to others, while segregative institutions shift both impacts (at least partially) to others

Natur-related Transactions

Sustainability often depends on nature-related transactions which are typical for agriculture, horticulture, fishery and forestry and, due to their high degree of complexity and interconnectedness, usually require institutional diversity and polycentric governance structures