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Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

Adam, I. A. A., Adam, Y. O., Olumeh, D. E., & Mithöfer, D. (2024). Livelihood strategies, baobab income and income inequality: Evidence from Kordofan and Blue Nile, Sudan. Forest Policy and Economics, 158, 103116.

 Leimona, B., Mithöfer, D., Wibawa, G., & van Noordwijk, M. (2024). Sustainability certification: multiple values of nature coexist in value chain transformations toward a common but differentiated responsibility. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 66, 101393.


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Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

Adetoyinbo, A., & Mithöfer, D. (2023). Inter-firm relations and resource-based performance: a contingent relational view of small-scale farmers in Zambia. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies.

Alulu, J., Makyao, M., Huyskens-Keil, S., Lenz, B., Muendo, K., Mganilwa, Z., Mbeche, R., Mgaya, P. & Mithöfer, D. 2023). Distribution, transportation, and coordination in African indigenous vegetables value chains: A scoping review. Frontiers in Environmental Economics, 2.

Coral, C., & Mithöfer, D. (2023) The backbone of agrifood value chain resilience: Innovation in the Ecuadorian banana value chain from a historical perspective. World Development Perspectives, 29, 100476.

Donker, E., Mbeche, R. & Mithöfer, D.  (2023). Strategic business decisions of retailers in the edible insect value chain in Uganda. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 1–20.

Olumeh, D. E.  & Mithöfer, D. (2023). Impact of collective action on household welfare: Empirical evidence from baobab collectors in Malawi. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, n/a(n/a).

Olumeh, D.E. & Mithöfer, D. (2023). Gender gaps in the collection and marketing of an underutilized plant species – Baobab in Malawi. Forest Policy and Economics, 152, 102992.


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Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

Rafanomezantsoa, A. S., Coral, C., Randrianarison, N., Kubitza, C., Randriamampionona, D., Andriamaniraka, H.,
Sieber, S., Tojo-Mandaharisoa, S., & Steinke, J. (2022). Identifying nutrition-sensitive development options in
Madagascar through a positive deviance approach. Food Security.

Adetoyinbo, A., Gupta, S., Okoruwa, V. O., & Birner, R. (2022). The role of institutions in sustaining competitive bioeconomy growth in Africa – Insights from the Nigerian maize biomass value-web. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 30, 186–203.

Cárcamo, R.,  Álvarez, A. & Claudia Coral (2022). Mercado global-efectos locales: Un análisis coyuntural sobre el COVID- 19, Conflictos bélicos y Cambio Climático 2020-2022. En Revista Sociedades Rurales y Medio  Ambiente, Vol. 22. Núm. 43. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Unidad Xochimilco.

Hambloch, C. (2022). Land formalization turned land rush: The case of oil palm in Papua New Guinea. Land Use Policy, 112, 105818.

Hambloch, C. (2022). Contract farming and everyday acts of resistance: Oil palm contract farmers in the Philippines. Journal of Agrarian Change, 22(1), 58–76.

Vicol, M., Fold, N., Hambloch, C., Narayanan, S., & Pérez Niño, H. (2022). Twenty‐five years of Living Under Contract : Contract farming and agrarian change in the developing world. Journal of Agrarian Change, 22(1), 3–18.

Hambloch, C., Mausch, K., Conti, C., & Hall, A. (2022). Simple solutions for complex problems? What is missing in         agriculture for nutrition interventions. Food Security.


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Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

Adetoyinbo, A., & Otter, V. (2021). Organizational structures, gender roles and upgrading strategies of smallholders: A qualitative study of the local value chain in the Nigerian fishing sector. Business Strategy and Development, 4(2), 187–202.

Bucheli, V. J. P., Mallen, R. W. C., Macias, A. Á., Coral, C., & Bokelmann, W. (2021). Indigenous Family Labor in Agroforestry Systems in the Context of Global Transformations: The Case of the Inga and Camëntsá Communities in Putumayo, Colombia. Forests, 12(11), 1503.

Coral, C., Bokelmann, W., Bonatti, M., Carcamo, R., & Sieber, S. (2021). Understanding institutional change mechanisms for land use: Lessons from Ecuador’s history. Land Use Policy, 108, 105530.

Derksen, D. M., & Mithöfer, D. (2021). Identifying stakeholders’ opinions on sustainability implementation in floriculture with Q methodology. Acta Horticulturae, 1327, 771–780.

Donkor, E. A., Garnevska, E., Siddique, M. I., & Donkor, E. (2021). Determinants of Rice Farmer Participation in the Direct Marketing Channel in Ghana. Sustainability, 13(9), 5047.

Hambloch, C., Kahwai, J., & Mugonya, J. (2021). Contextualizing private sector-based seed system development: The case of sorghum in Eastern Africa. Outlook on Agriculture, 50(4), 378–391.

Kaimba, G. K., Mithöfer, D., & Muendo, K. M. (2021). Commercialization of underutilized fruits: Baobab pulp supply response to price and non-price incentives in Kenya. Food Policy, 99, 101980.

Kuriachen, P., Suresh, A., Aditya, K. S., Venkatesh, P., Sen, B., & Yeligar, S. S. (2021). Irrigation development and equity implications: the case of India. International Journal of Water Resources Development.

Mausch, K., Almekinders, C. J. M., Hambloch, C., & McEwan, M. A. (2021). Putting diverse farming households’ preferences and needs at the centre of seed system development. Outlook on Agriculture, 50(4), 356–365.

Muriungi, M. K., Kavoi, M. M., Majiwa, E., & Mithöfer, D. (2021). Characterization and Determinants of Baobab Processing in Kenya. International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics, 9(3), 215–228.

Owusu-Sekyere, E., Bibariwiah, C., Owusu, V., & Donkor, E. (2021). Farming under irrigation management transfer scheme and its impact on yield and net returns in Ghana. Land Use Policy, 102, 105266.

Petzke, N., König, B., & Bokelmann, W. (2021). Plant protection in private gardens in germany: Between growing environmental awareness, knowledge and actual behaviour. European Journal of Horticultural Science, 86(1), 59–68. 

Michael Ssenkungu, W., Fungo, R., Kaaya, A., Byarugaba, R., & Muyonga, J. (2021). Influence of sun drying and a
        combination of boiling and sun drying on the retention of nutrients and bioactive compounds in cowpea (Vigna
        unguiculata (L). Walp) leaves. African Journal of Biological Sciences, 3, 48–58.



Other Publications

Bessah, E., Donkor, E., Raji, A. O., Taiwo, O. J., Agodzo, S. K., Ololade, O. O., & Strapasson, A. (2021). Determinants of Maize Farmers’ Access to Climate Information Services in Ghana. In W. Leal Filho, J. Luetz, & D. Ayal (Eds.), Handbook of Climate Change Management (pp. 1–20). Springer, Cham.

Gbadegeshin, S. A., Olaleye, S. A., Ukpabi, D. C., Omokaro, B., Mogaji, E., Ugwuja, A. A., Nwachukwu, C. E., & Adetoyinbo, A. (2021). Female unemployment in an emerging economy. In E. Lechman (Ed.), Technology and Women’s Empowerment (pp. 200–221). Routledge.

Kumar, A., Sonkar, V. K., & Aditya, K. S. (2021). Assessing the impact of lending through Kisan Credit Cards in rural India: Evidence from eastern India.


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Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

Coral, C., Bokelmann, W., Bonatti, M., Carcamo, R., & Sieber, S. (2020). Agency and structure: a grounded theory approach to explain land-use change in the Mindo and western foothills of Pichincha, Ecuador. Journal of Land Use Science, 15(4), 547–569.

Diallo, A., Donkor, E., & Owusu, V. (2020). Climate change adaptation strategies, productivity and sustainable food security in southern Mali. Climatic Change, 159(3), 309–327.

Donkor, E. A., Donkor, E., Owusu-Sekyere, E., & Owusu, V. (2020). The development and promotion of sweet potato yoghurt in ghana: Implications for sustainable production and consumption policies. Sustainability, 12(8).

dos Santos, L. P., Schmidt, C. M., & Mithöfer, D. (2020). Impact of Collective Action Membership on the Economic, Social and Environmental Performance of Fruit and Vegetable Farmers in Toledo, Brazil. Journal of Co-Operative Organization and Management, 8(1), 100107.

dos Santos, L. P., Schmidt, C. M., & Mithöfer, D. (2020). Family farming and agricultural cooperatives under the optics of transaction cost theory: An analysis of the production of fruits and vegetables in the microregion of Toledo, Parana State. Revista Brasileira de Gestão e Desenvolvimento Regional, 16(1).

Kaimba, G. K., Muendo, K. M., & Mithöfer, D. (2020). Marketing of baobab pulp in Kenya: Collectors’ choice of rural versus urban markets. African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 15(3), 194–212.

Mausch, K., Hall, A., & Hambloch, C. (2020). Colliding paradigms and trade-offs: Agri-food systems and value chain interventions. Global Food Security, 26. 

Byarugaba, R., Nabubuya, A., & Muyonga, J. (2020). Descriptive sensory analysis and consumer preferences of bean
        sauces. Food Science & Nutrition, 8(8), 4252–4265.


Other Publications

Adetoyinbo, A., & Otter, V. (2020). Organizational Structures, Gender Roles and Upgrading Strategies for Smallholders in Developing Countries’ Local Value Chains (GlobalFood Discussion Paper 145).

Cárcamo Mallen, R. W. (2020). Globalization and Food Security: A Case Study on Livelihoods and Food Security in Sitalá, Chiapas. Verlag Dr. Köster.

Coral, C. (2020). Assessment of the Drivers and Dynamics of Historical Land-Use Changes: Linking Biodiversity conservation, community ecotourism and Agriculture in Protected Forests in Ecuador. Verlag Dr. Köster.


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Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

Donkor, E., Onakuse, S., Bogue, J., & De Los Rios-Carmenado, I. (2019). Fertiliser adoption and sustainable rural livelihood improvement in Nigeria. Land Use Policy, 88.

Donkor, E., & Owusu, V. (2019). Mineral Fertiliser Adoption and Land Productivity: Implications for Securing Stable Rice Production in Northern Ghana. Land, 8(4), 59.

Kiprotich, C., Kavoi, M. M., & Mithöfer, D. (2019). Determinants of intensity of utilization of Baobab products in Kenya. Cogent Food & Agriculture, 5(1), 1704163.

Mwanga, R., Kebede, S., & Bokelmann, W. (2019). Protein and energy contribution of African indigenous Vegetables: Evidence from Kenya. African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND), 20(1), 15177–15193.

Ngenoh, E., Kurgat, B., Bett, H., Kebede, S., & Bokelmann, W. (2019). Determinants of competitiveness of smallholder African indigenous vegetable farmers in high-value agro-food chains in Kenya: A multivariate probit regression Analysis. Agricultural and Food Economics, 7(2).

Rodriguez, L., Cárcamo, R., & y Alvarez, A. (2019). La opción de la producción orgánica ante la crisis del café: el caso de los pequeños productores de Chilón, Chiapas, México. En Revista Sociedades Rurales y Medio Ambiente, 19(37).

Wang, J., Aenis, T., & Siew, T. F. (2019). Communication processes in intercultural transdisciplinary research: framework from a group perspective. Sustainability Science, 14(6), 1673–1684.

Wang, J., & Aenis, T. (2019). Stakeholder analysis in support of sustainable land management: Experiences from southwest China. Journal of Environmental Management, 243, 1–11.


Conference Publications

Derksen, D., & Mithöfer, D. (2019). Nachhaltiger Topfpflanzenbau NRW - Aus wissenschaftlicher Perspektive. Nachhaltigkeit Im Gartenbau, Zusammenfassung Der 57. Betriebswirtschaftlichen Fachtagung Gartenbau, 16. Bis 18. September 2019 in Kevelaer.


Other Publications

Aenis, T., Foos, E., Heinze, K., Lemmer, A., Mehlitz, U., & Schahin, H. (2019). Nachhaltige Grünflächenpflege im Klimawandel. Weiterbildungsreihe zur kommunalen Vegetationsflächenpflege auf Grundlage des “Handbuchs Gute Pflege”. Neue Landschaft, 7, 23–27.


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Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

Aditya, K. S., Khan, T., & Kishore, A. (2018). Adoption of crop insurance and impact: Insights from India. Agricultural Economics Research Review, 31(2), 163–174.

Bullock, R., Gyau, A., Mithoefer, D., & Swisher, M. (2018). Contracting and gender equity in Tanzania: using a value chain approach to understand the role of gender in organic spice certification. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 33(1), 60–72.

Donkor, E., Onakuse, S., Bogue, J., & de los Rios Carmenado, I. (2018). Promoting value addition among farmers in the cassava food value chain in Nigeria. British Food Journal, 120(9), 2047–2065.

Donkor, E., Owusu, V., Owusu-Sekyere, E., & Ogundeji, A. (2018). The Adoption of Farm Innovations among Rice Producers in Northern Ghana: Implications for Sustainable Rice Supply. Agriculture, 8(8), 121.

Hambloch, C. (2018). The Tropical Oil Crop Revolution: Food, Feed, Fuel, and Forests, by Derek Byerlee, Walter P. Falcon, and Rosamond L. Naylor. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017. Pp. vii + 288. £56 (hb). ISBN: 9780190222987. Journal of Agrarian Change, 18(3), 697–700.

Ogundeji, A. A., Donkor, E., Motsoari, C., & Onakuse, S. (2018). Impact of access to credit on farm income: policy implications for rural agricultural development in Lesotho. Agrekon, 57(2), 152–166.

Olumeh, E. D., Adam, R., Otieno, D., & Oluoch-Kosura, W. (2018). Characterizing Smallholder Maize Farmers’ Production and Marketing in Kenya: An Insight into the Intra-Household Gender, Wealth-Status and Educational Dimensions. Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research.

Owusu, V., Donkor, E., & Owusu-Sekyere, E. (2018). Accounting for the Gender Technology Gap Amongst Smallholder Rice Farmers in Northern Ghana. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 69(2), 439–457.

Sathyan, A. R., Funk, C., Aenis, T., & Breuer, L. (2018). Climate Vulnerability in Rainfed Farming: Analysis from Indian Watersheds. Sustainability, 10(9), 3357.

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Wang, J., Aenis, T., & Hofman-Souki, S. (2018). Triangulation in participation: Dynamic approaches for science-practice interaction in land-use decision making in rural China. Land Use Policy, 72, 364–371.


Conference Publications

Hommel, B., & Feuerbach, N. (2018). IPM guidelines as fundament for sustain-ability in plant protection: The case for stored product protection. International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection (IWCSPP).

Hambloch, C. (2018). Land Formalization Turned Land Rush: The Case of the Palm Oil Industry in Papua New Guinea. World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty.


Other Publications

Coral, C. (2018). Analytical Framework for a Systemic Analysis of Drivers and Dynamics of Historical Land-Use Changes: A Shift Toward Systems Thinking. In J. McIntyre-Mills, N. Romm, & Y. Corcoran-Nantes (Eds.), Balancing Individualism and Collectivism Social and Environmental Justice (pp. 259–269). Springer, Cham.

Donkor, E., Matthews, N., & Ogundeji, A. A. (2018). Efficiency of Rice Farming in Ghana: Policy Implications for Rice Sector Development . African Development Review, 30(2), 149–161.

Hambloch, C. (2018). Governance and Land Reform in the palm oil value chain in the Philippines. In SOAS Department of Economics Working Paper Series (No. 209).

Kebede, S. W., & Muller, C. (2018). Extreme events and coping strategies:  Evidence from Ethiopia. In Adamseged & Bokelmann (Eds.), Value chain development for food security in the context of climate change : perspectives and lessons from a north-south capacity building project (Vol. 79). Verlag Dr. Köster.

Ngenoh, E., Kebede, S. W., Bett, H. K., & Bokelmann, W. (2018). Coping with Shocks and Determinants among Indigenous Vegetable Smallholder Farmers in Kenya. Agricultural Sciences, 09(07), 804–823.

Otieno, D., Oluoch-Kosura, W., Olumeh, E. D., & Maroma, D. (2018). Understanding local stakeholder perspectives on climate change: The case of smallholder farmers in Western Kenya. In E. M. Adamseged & W. Bokelmann (Eds.), Value Chain Development for Food Security in the Context of Climate Change: Perspectives and Lessons From a North – South Capacity Building Project (pp. 95–102). Verlag Dr. Köster.

Pacheco, P., Bakhtary, H., Camargo, M., Donofrio, S., Drigo, I., & Mithöfer, D. (2018). The private sector: Can zero deforestation commitments save tropical forests? In A. Angelsen, C. Martius, V. De Sy, A. E. Duchelle, A. M. Larson, & T. T. Pham (Eds.), Transforming REDD+: Lessons and New Directions (pp. 161–174). Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).


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Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

Aditya, K. S., Subash, S. P., Praveen, K. V., Nithyashree, M. L., Bhuvana, N., & Sharma, A. (2017). Awareness about Minimum Support Price and Its Impact on Diversification Decision of Farmers in India. Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies, 4(3), 514–526.

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Donkor, E., Onakuse, S., Bogue, J., & de Los Rios Carmenado, I. (2017). The impact of the presidential cassava initiative on cassava productivity in Nigeria: Implication for sustainable food supply and food security. Cogent Food & Agriculture, 3(1), 1368857.

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Leimona, B., van Noordwijk, M., Mithöfer, D., & Cerutti, P. (2017). Environmentally and socially responsible global production and trade of timber and tree crop commodities: certification as a transient issue-attention cycle response to ecological and social issues. International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management, 13(1), 497–502.

Mithöfer, D., Méndez, V. E., Bose, A., & Vaast, P. (2017). Harnessing local strength for sustainable coffee value chains in India and Nicaragua: reevaluating certification to global sustainability standards. International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management, 13(1), 471–496.

Mithöfer, D., Roshetko, J. M., Donovan, J. A., Nathalie, E., Robiglio, V., Wau, D., Sonwa, D. J., & Blare, T. (2017). Unpacking ‘sustainable’ cocoa: do sustainability standards, development projects and policies address producer concerns in Indonesia, Cameroon and Peru? International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management, 13(1), 444–469.

Mithöfer, D., van Noordwijk, M., Leimona, B., & Cerutti, P. O. (2017). Certify and shift blame, or resolve issues? Environmentally and socially responsible global trade and production of timber and tree crops. International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management13(1), 72–85.

Oduol, J. B. A., Mithöfer, D., Place, F., Nang’ole, E., Olwande, J., Kirimi, L., & Mathenge, M. (2017). Women’s participation in high value agricultural commodity chains in Kenya: Strategies for closing the gender gap. Journal of Rural Studies, 50, 228–239.

Yan, M., Terheggen, A., & Mithöfer, D. (2017). Who and what set the price of walnuts for small-scale farmers in Southwest China? Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, 7(2), 135–152.


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