Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences

Lab Methods

Analysis of plants, forages, soil, liquids and gases
(Location Invalidenstraße 42)


  • Chemical and physical analysis of soil structure


  • Chemical analysis of macro- and micronutrients, mineral and organic pollutants, vegetable ingredients and enzyme activities
Here you will find a table, containing the established methods, used in our lab for:                                           

                                                 - soil    

                                                 - plant

                                                 - water

Analysis in the field of Microbiology and Virology
(location Lentzeallee 55/57)


  • Diagnosis of phytopathogens, phytoplasms, viroids
  • Biotests, serological tests, molecularbiological diagnostic methods
  • Careful collection of isolates, control of immune sera, probes and clones



Costs per analyses can be found by asking in the laboratory or on the Intranet.

(Please pay attention to our information concerning the changing of the costs.)