Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences


Our Division provides classes, open to needs of students in the courses with a teacher-training component and based on agreements with each lectures.


In the Bachelor's degree courses on Agricultrual Sciences and Horticultural Sciences (Combined bachelor with a teacher-training component), we teach in German:

  • Modul PM-FD: the introductory course in agricultural and horticultural vocational education (Fachdidaktik - Einführung) (7 LP) (20014)


In the M.Ed. course on Agriculture (training for a teacher of vocational school), we teach in German:


In the Master's degree courses in biology with a teacher-training component (Master of Education Biology (in German)) in the Istitute of Biology (in German) we teach:


We also teach in a module on Irrigation and Drainage Systems (20148) in a Master of Science course of Integrated Natural Resource Management.


Alle lectures are supported through e-Learning and communication platform Moodle. The students and participants of courses will be given the access keys by a lecturer of each course.


President of Teaching Committee: PD Dr. Heiner Grüneberg

Vice-president of Examination Committee/Teaching professions: PD Dr. Heiner Grüneberg

Study Adviser: Dr. Heidi Müller-Weichbrodt