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Research Reports

  • Megacity:
    The Research Reports are outcomes of the Pilot Projects implemented jointly in Hyderabad by the Pilot Project Groups of the Megacity Project of Hyderabad. These reports for analysis and action focus on knowledge generation and application as well as on institutions and governance structures concerning the core issues of poverty, food, nutrition, health, transport, environment and resource degradation. This has been possible through joint research efforts, involving institutions of urban governance, integration of organisations of civil society in communication, participation, co-operation and network linking. List of Reports

    Christian Schleyer, Insa Theesfeld, Konrad Hagedorn, Olivier Aznar, Jean-Marc Callois et. al. Approach towards an operational tool to apply institutional analysis for the assessment of policy feasibility within SEAMLESS-IF. PDF Icon

    Kapitalisierung von Forschungsergebnissen zur Förderung der Multifunktionalität der Landwirtschaft und Ländlicher Regionen - Bericht:

    Promoting the Multifunctionality of Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Areas: Design and Implementation of Public Policies in Germany PDF Icon

  • Study:
    Stefan Jungcurt, Lutz Laschewski und Christian Schleyer
    Löst Geld Nutzungskonflikte? Zur Steuerungsproblematik von Förderprogrammen im Agrarumweltbereich PDF Icon

  • ITAES: Integrated Tools to Design and Implement Agri-Environmental Schemes (end: 2006) PDF Icon

  • IDARI: Integrated Development of Agricultural and Rural Institutions in CEEC (end: 2005) Special Issue: Social Capital and Rural Governance in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Projektbericht - MEACAP: Impact of Environmental Agreements on the CAP (end: 2006) PDF Icon