Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Resource Economics

Application Procedere

The program requires the willingness and ability to interdisciplinary studies in an international group of students with rigorous methods. INRM expects students who are highly motivated to do research or practice that contributes to solving problems of sustainable development and natural resource management. Applying for INRM is highly competitive. The number of eligible applications we usually receive is several times larger than the number of places we can offer

Where to Apply

Your citizenship is not relevant in this context but rather if your application is based upon a German admission qualification or upon a foreign admission qualification. Two different tracks are available:

  • For German admission qualification, apply directly to Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin via our own online portal
  • For foreign admission qualification, apply via the pre-audit agency Uni-Assist e.V.

Click here to find out here which track you should follow.

When applying via the HU online portal, here are some useful links:

When applying via Uni-Assist, here are some useful links:

Required Documents

  • When applying via Uni-Assist:
  • When applying via the HU portal, information will be available once you register on the website. Please check the above links for a general idea.
  • Please note that you will need to fill in a self-assessment sheet(available as a pdf file on the uni-assist application portal)
  • Certain documents will need to be sent by post. We recommend that this be done as soon as you have submitted your online application since your documents must arrive at the university by the end of the application period. The date of the stamp is not relevant and no exceptions are made.

Selection Process

The selection process weighs

  • 90%: the final grade of the previous study
  • 10%: qualifications acquired outside of university in the agricultural- or horticultural sector, amounting to a minimum of 900 hours. Please note that this is not a mandatory requirement but would increase your chances of receiving a study place.

This is further detailed on the last page of the INRM-specific requirements (in German and in English).


Application Deadline

As a restricted Master of Science, the application period for INRM is usually in May for the winter semester, which begins in October. Please note that applications for first semester students are only accepted for the winter semester. Entry into a higher semester is possible for both winter and summer semesters. For the exact dates, please check the academic calendar of HU Berlin. For first-semester applicants, the deadline for restricted M.Sc. applies, whereas for higher-semester applicants, the deadline for non-restricted M.Sc. applies.

Higher Semester Application

When applying for a higher semester, you must fulfil the same general and specific requirements as applicants applying for the first semester. Moreover, you will need to have at least 30 ECTS which can be transferred and acknowledged. If it is less, then you need to apply for the first semester. For every semester, you need 30 ECTS. So if you wish to enter the 3rd semester, you will need a minimum of 60 ECTS. Only modules which have been finalized prior to the application deadline will be considered. More information can be found here. Please contact the Examination Office for more information on how to get courses recognized.