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Student Assistant Sandra Palacsik

Chair for Gender and Globalisation

Department of Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences

Foto: Sandra Raija Palacsik

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Sandra Raija Palácsik - Student Assistant

Master: Gender Studies, 7th Semester (HU Berlin)
  Informatics, 4th Semester (HU Berlin)
Major Field
of Study

Feminist Criticism of Science and Technology



Project Studies

(53 862a)  Die Ordnung des Wissens: Information - Macht – Gender
(53 862a)  The Order of Knowledge: Information - Governance – Gender

The idea of Knowledge and Science is ambivalent - both contribute as well to emancipation as to the consolidation and  legitimation of governance. The critical discussion on the relation of knowledge/science, governance and gender has always involved the  women's and gender research. A important insight at this was and is the fact that forms and results of science are influenced by social structures and that they in turn influence too. One dimension in this discussion on knowledge and governance is characterised by its hierarchisation within the scientific landscape and the representation of this last one through certain standardisations. The library and information science plays a predominant role in the structuration and organisation of knowledge and information in the digital age. The critical interrogation about the knowledge canon of the library and information sciences seen from a transdisciplinary point of view is the topic of a project tutoring over two terms. The analysis basis will be the gender category taking other structure categories into account. During the first term, we will concern ourselves with the genesis conditions and the access to libraries and information. A further main focus will be the naming and description practices that we want to analyse with a critical linguistic approach. During the second term, the insights and results gained will be put into practice by creating a Gender-Wiki in teamwork.

More Information in Webblog of Gender@Wiki-Projekt.
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PJ     Mo 12-14     wöch./1     MON 3, Relais

S. Palacsik, D. Schulz, D. Vetter, B. Janski, M. Zierold, J. Emmerson

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