Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - 114th EAAE Seminar 2010


The seminar will be based on oral presentations in plenary sessions by invited speakers and in parallel workgroups.

You can find the program and seminar schedule » here.


Thursday, April 15

from 8:00    Registration
9:00 - 10:40    Plenary Session I     Chair: Martin Odening
  • Agricultural policy and structural change: A spatial approach
   Christoph Weiss, Vienna University of Economics and Business      » presentation
  • Farm efficiency and structural change
    Antonio M. Álvarez
    , University of Oviedo       » presentation

11:10 - 12:30    Plenary Session II    Chair: Harald Grethe
  • Modeling farm structural change for policy analysis
    Thomas Heckelei
    , University of Bonn        » presentation
  • Structural change in agricultural markets following the biofuels boom
    Thomas Hertel
    , Purdue University

14:00 - 15:30   Parallel Session I a: Farm exits and factor mobility       Chair: Martin Petrick

Structural changes in U.S. agriculture: Financial performance of farms in transition
Ani L. Katchova » full paper   |   » presentation

Determinants of farm exit: A comparison between Europe and United States
Ashok K. Mishra; Meri Raggi; Davide Viaggi » full paper   |   » presentation

Sectoral mobility of production factors in agriculture and predictions for the future
Valerie Vandermeulen; Evy Mettepenningen; Mieke Calus » full paper   |   » presentation

14:00 - 15:30   Parallel Session I b: Decision making of farmers            Chair: Cornelis Gardebroek

Environmental and production cost impacts of no-till: Estimates from observed behaviour
Marita Laukkanen; Céline Nauges » full paper    |   » presentation

Some like to join, others to deliver. An econometric analysis of farmers’ relationships with agricultural co-operatives
Stefano Pascucci; Cornelis Gardebroek
» full paper   |   » presentation

Linking marketing choices with farming practices of grain producers: A farm level modeling approach applied to the South-western France
Aymeric Ricome; Charilaos Képhaliacos; Françoise Carpy-Goulard; Aude Ridier; Karim Chaïb
» full paper   |   » presentation

14:00 - 15:30   Parallel Session I c: Growth and investment                    Chair: Karin Larsén

Farm growth in Hungary, Slovenia and France
Lajos Zoltán Bakucs; Štefan Bojnec; Imre Fertő; Laure Latruffe » full paper   |   » presentation

Contracts, payment delays and firm growth: Evidence from Bulgarian agriculture
Johan F.M. Swinnen; Kristine Van Herck
» full paper   |   » presentation

Growth of German dairy farms under the EU milk quota
Gunnar Breustedt; Martin Mees
» full paper   |   » presentation

16:00 – 17:30   Parallel Session II a: Equilibrium modeling                      Chair: Alan Matthews

Modelling the consequences of increasing bioenergy demand on land and feed use
Martin Banse; A. Tabeau; H. van Meijl; G. Woltjer » full paper    |   » presentation

Farm level effects of EU policy liberalization: Simulations based on an EU-wide agricultural sector model and a supply model of the German agricultural sector
André Deppermann; Harald Grethe; Frank Offermann
» full paper   |   » presentation

Analysis of policy interventions in tradable permits
Jeroen Buysse; Bart Van der Straeten; Stephan Nolte; Dakerlia Claeys; Ludwig Lauwers; Guido Van Huylenbroeck
» full paper   |   » presentation

16:00 – 17:30   Parallel Session II b: Market dynamics and marketing strategies    Chair: Silke Hüttel

Structural change in European calf markets: Policy decoupling and movement restrictions
Rico Ihle; Bernhard Brümmer; Stanley R. Thompson
» full paper    |    » presentation

The deterministic and speculative component of the terms of trade of primary commodities: An “Eclectic” Real Option value approach
Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo, Sara Savastano, Antonio Vezzani » full paper
    |    » presentation

Oligopoly and price transmission in Turkey’s fluid milk market
Hasan Tekgüç
» full paper   |    » presentation

16:00 – 17:30   Parallel Session II c: Structural change in the dairy sector     Chair: Johannes Sauer

Structural change in the EU dairy sector
Jack Peerlings; Nico Polman; Noortje Krol
» full paper    |    » presentation
Structural change of European dairy farms – A cross-regional analysis
Andrea Zimmermann; Thomas Heckelei
» full paper   |    » presentation

An analysis of milk quota abolition impact on Scottish farmers’ behaviour
Luiza Toma; Andrew Barnes; Alan Renwick
» full paper   |    » presentation

Friday, April 16

8:30 - 10:00   Parallel Session III a: Agent-based modeling, real options and experiments    Chair: Gunnar Breustedt

Coordination and allocation on land markets under increasing scale economies and heterogeneous actors – An experimental study
Alfons Balmann; Konrad Kellermann; Karin Larsén, Serena Sandri, Christian Schade » full paper
   |    » presentation

Modelling structural change in the agricultural sector – An Agent-based approach using FADN data from individual farms
Anke Möhring; Albert Zimmermann; Gabriele Mack; Stefan Mann; Ali Ferjani; Maria-Pia Gennaio

» full paper   |    » presentation

Assessing agricultural policy incentives for Greek organic agriculture: A Real options approach
Irene Tzouramani; Alexandra Sintori; Aggelos Liontakis; George Alexopoulos
» full paper   |   » presentation

8:30 - 10:00   Parallel Session III b: Policy impacts I    Chair: Jeroen Buysse

An investigation into the impact of policy reform on the level of structural change in the agri-food sector of Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands
Daragh Clancy; Andrius Kazukauskas; Carol Newman; Fiona Thorne » full paper   |    » presentation

Promoting global agricultural growth and poverty reduction
Maros Ivanic; Will Martin
» full paper   |    » presentation

Distribution of beef cattle in Scotland: How important is agricultural policy?
Alan Renwick; Cesar Revoredo-Giha; Steven Thomson; Philip Leat; Sian Ringrose
» full paper   |    » presentation

8:30 - 10:00   Parallel Session III c: Efficiency    Chair: Marita Laukkanen

CAP reform and its impact on structural change and productivity growth: A cross country analysis
Andrius Kazukauskas; Carol Newman » full paper
   |    » presentation

A structural change analysis of the cost efficiency of farms in Scotland 1989-2008
Cesar Revoredo-Giha; Philip Leat; Catherine Milne
» full paper   |    » presentation

Measurement of dynamic efficiency, a directional distance function parametric approach
Teresa Serra; Spiro Stefanou; Alfons Oude Lansink
» full paper   |    » presentation

10:30 - 12:00   Parallel Session IV a:     Technical change and innovation    Chair: Stefan Mann

Subsidies, production structure and technical change – A cross-country comparison
Nigel Key; Laure Latruffe; Johannes Sauer
» full paper

Technology diffusion, farm size structure and regional land competition in dynamic partial equilibrium
Heikki Lehtonen
» full paper   |    » presentation

Real option models for simulating digester system adoption on livestock farms in Emilia-Romagna
Fabio Bartolini; Vittorio Gallerani; Davide Viaggi
  » full paper   |    » presentation

10:30 - 12:00   Parallel Session IV b: Policy impacts II    Chair: Dieter Kirschke

Rural development policies at regional level in the enlarged EU. The impact of farm structures
Elisa Montresor; Francesco Pecci; Nicola Pontarollo » full paper
   |    » presentation

Modelling the effects of an abolition of the EU sugar quota on internal prices, production and imports

Stephan Nolte; Jeroen Buysse; Bart Van der Straeten; Dakerlia Claeys; Ludwig Lauwers; Guido Van Huylenbroeck
» full paper   |   » presentation

Access to credit, factor allocation and farm productivity: Evidence from the CEE economies
Jan Falkowski, Pavel Ciaian, d’Artis Kancs
» full paper   |    » presentation

10:30 - 12:00   Parallel Session IV c: Farm size and land concentration   Chair: Alfons Balmann

Regional asymmetries in farm size
Silke Hüttel; Anne Margarian; Vanessa von Schlippenbach
» full paper   |   » presentation

How do agricultural policies influence farmland concentration? The example of France
Laurent Piet; Yann Desjeux; Laure Latruffe; Chantal Le Mouel
» full paper  | » presentation       

Returns to scale and dynamics of multiple enterprises

Robert D. Weaver
» full paper

13:00 - 14:00   Poster Session    

14:00 - 15:00   Parallel Session V a: Labor allocation and livelihoods    Chair: Stephan Nolte

Job creation and job destruction in the EU agriculture

Pavel Ciaian; Liesbeth Dries; d’Artis Kancs » full paper
   |   » presentation

Trends in family labour, hired labour and contract work on French and Swiss crop farms: The role of agricultural policies
Pierre Dupraz; Laure Latruffe; Stefan Mann » full paper
   |   » presentation

14:00 - 15:00   Parallel Session V b: Policy design    Chair: Patrick Westhoff

Modelling the impact of EAFRD policies on rural development and structural change
Julia Schmid; Astrid Häger; Jurt Jechlitschka; Dieter Kirschke » full paper
   |   » presentation

Modelling economies of scale, energy use and farm size to reduce GHG: On contrasting “High-Tec”-agriculture with labour intensive farming
Ernst-August Nuppenau » full paper
    |   » presentation

14:00 - 15:00   Parallel Session V c: Risk and data   Chair: Heikki Lethonen

Recovery of incomplete agricultural land uses and livestock numbers by entropy

Maria Martins; Rui Fragoso; António Xavier » full paper

A dynamic dual model under state-contingent production uncertainty
Teresa Serra;Spiro Stefanou; Alfons Oude Lansink » full paper
   |   » presentation

15:30 - 17:00    Plenary Session III     Chair: Silke Hüttel

Innovation behaviour at farm level – selection and identification
Johannes Sauer; David Zilberman » full paper

CAP effects on labour use in agriculture: Evidence from alternative dynamic panel data models

Martin Petrick; Patrick Zier » full paper
   |   » presentation

Making the market: How US policy influences near term agriculture and biofuel industry production and profitability under technology adoption
Seth Meyer; Julian Binfield; Patrick Westhoff » full paper
   |   » presentation

B. Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

Appel, F.; Sahrbacher, C.; Balmann, A.; Ostermeyer, A.: Impact of fluctuating prices on farm income and structural change

Bakucs, Z.; Fertő, I.;  : Assessment of the impact of EU accession upon farms’ technical efficiency in the New Member States with special emphasis on the farm type

Banse, M.; Grethe, H.; Henseler, M.: Import bans for feedstock containing GMO: The case of soy products in the EU

Bartolini, F.; Viaggi, D.; Ronchi, D. Gomez y Paloma S.; Sammeth, F.: The effects of future CAP reforms on farming sustainability and investment behaviour » full paper

Bartolini, F.; Sardonini, L.; Viaggi, D.: Determinants of farm size expansion among EU farmers » full paper

Beckmann, V.; Consmüller, N.: Agricultural structures, public regulation and technology adoption: The case of GM crops in Europe

Begalli, D.; Codurri, S.; Gaeta, D.: Grapes for wine or grapes for bioenergy? A critical proposal for an Italian wine district

Bekchanov, M.; Müller, M.; Lamers, J.: Modeling river flow frequency impact on productivity of irrigated lands and general welfare in rural economies in Central Asia

Berlinschi, R.; Van Herck, K.: Impact of subsidies on agricultural employment

Bodini, A.: Farm size, economic performance and efficiency: A DEA application to Italian FADN-data

Boysen, O.; Schröder, C.: Structural change in the German dairy industry

Consmüller, N.; Beckmann, V.; Petrick, M.: The development of GMO-free zones in Germany: an econometric analysis

Delpeuch, C.; Vandeplas, A.; Swinnen, J.: Market structure and performance: An attempt at formalizing the West African "cotton problem"

Dos Santos, M.; Henriques, P.; Fragoso, R.; De Silva Carvalho, M. : The impacts of Health-Check’ 2003 CAP reform and the water framework directive on farm’s structural change in the new public irrigation project of Alqueva: A Portuguese case study

Ehlers, M.H.: The evolution of agricultural biogas entrepreneurship and relating farming structures in Germany

Fehér, A.; Czimbalmos, R.; Kovács, G.; Szepesy, E.: Increasing farm concentration in Hungary driven by RDP payments and the motivation of farmers

Fellmann, T.; Möllers, J.: How can the CAP address small farms in order to promote structural change? A case study of Croatian family farms anticipating EU accession
 » full paper

Ferjani, A.; Zimmermann, A.; Reissig, L.; Mann, S.: Decreasing of organic farming in Switzerland: Opting out or structural change?

Fernández, Z.; Quiroga, S.: Analysing the structural implications of water policies on crop systems in the Mediterranean

Henke, R; Pierangeli, F.; Solazzo, R.; Vanni, F.: Agricultures in Europe: Changing roles and functions of the primary sector in the regional  economic systems

Jan, P.: Productivity change of Swiss dairy farms located in the mountainous area

Manevska - Tasevska, G.; Hansson, H.: Influence of resource and financial perspective of farm size on the efficiency of grape-growing family farms: A case of a labour intensive agricultural production

Miller, A.C.: The impact of further CAP reform on Irish economic and farm structures

Möller, T.; Grethe, H.: Good prospects: Cereal and oilseed production in Germany under climate change

Morrison Paul, C.; Sauer, J.: Distinguishing different industry technologies and localized technical change

Murphy, G.; Hynes, S.; Murphy, E.: The extent of active farmer participation behaviour in the Rural Environment Protection Scheme (REPS)

Mutuc, M.; Rejesus, R.: The impact of farmer field schools on knowledge, insecticide use and yields: A study of rice farmers in Vietnam

Nowicki, P.; Banse, M.; van Meijl, H.: Integrating decomposition analysis within the macro-economic modelling used for scenario studies

Pascucci, S.; Dries, L.: Changing farmer strategies in Italy

Prehn, S.: Payments decoupling and the Intra-European calf trade

Rösch, A.: Economic trends in agriculture in the Swiss mountain region

Sauer, J.: Deregulation and production systems - A Bayesian distance function approach

Scandizzo, P.; Savastano, S.; Paolantonio, A.: Adaptation to climate change and real options in small holder agriculture

Sintori, A.; Rozakis, S.: A multi-criteria model to analyze decision making in different farm structures: The case of dairy sheep farming in Greece » full paper

Slaston, R.; Larsen, K.: Assessment of efficiency and impact of specific factors on wheat cultivation in Ukrainian agricultural enterprises » full paper

Terluin, I.; Godeschalk, F.E.; Verhoog, D.: Analysis of the development of agricultural structures in EU regions, 1980-2000 » full paper

Tietje, C.; Gardebroek, C.: Do wheat prices follow oil prices? A bivariate time series approach

Toma, L.; Sutherland, L.: Determinants of land use behaviour in Scotland: A structural equation modelling approach

Tongruksawattana, S. ; Völker, M.; Schmidt, E., Waibel, H.: Incorporating vulnerability to poverty in farm level models: Experiences from Thailand and Vietnam

Van Herck, K.; Swinnen, J.F.M.: Where have all the farmers gone? EU accession and structural change in Bulgaria

Viaggi, D.; Raggi, M.; Sardonini, L.: Farm investment behaviour in the EU: An ex post analysis through panal data » full paper

Viaggi, D.; Raggi, M.; Sardonini, L.: Identifying and explaining farms typologies based on strategic reaction to policy
» full paper

Yuan, M.: The impact of regional climate change policy on the land-use structure: A CGE approach