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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Resource Economics

Honorata Nyga-Łukaszewska in RSERC at HU Berlin





Dr. Honorata Nyga-Łukaszewska from the Institute of International Economics at Warsaw School of Economics presented her research on "Security of energy supply - theoretical aspects and an evidence from Poland" in the RSERC (Research Seminar on Environment, Resource and Climate Economics) at HU Berlin.


Dr Łukaszewska delivered perspective from Poland on supply security in the natural gas market but also explained in detailed manner theoretical assumptions behind the analysed phenomenon.  Dr Honorata Nyga-Łukaszewska is an assistant professor at the Institute of International Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics. Her interests are centered around international economics, energy trade and commodity markets. She specializes in energy security research. She is also a lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics – courses in international economics and energy-environment conflicts.