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Visiting scholars: Professor Cole and Professor Coleman

Visiting scholars: During this month of July, we have a couple of eminent visiting scholars at RESS: Prof. Daniel Cole and Prof. Eric Coleman.

Prof. Cole is professor in the Law School and School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. He is also senior faculty member at the Ostrom Workshop and currently Chairman of the Workshop Advisory Council. He is a well-known scholar and expert in the field of property rights and institutional analysis of social-ecological systems. He has worked very closely with Elinor Ostrom on a number of issues. More information about his areas of work can be found here

Prof. Coleman is professor in the Department of Political Science at Florida State University. He obtained his PhD under the supervision of Elinor Ostrom and since then has been highly involved in a number of Workshop collaborations mostly related to the International Forestry Resources Institutions program. His ability to effectively use a diversity of quantitative techniques to test and build CRP is well-known and highly valued in our community. He is also known for his knowledge of CPR management across a diversity of country contexts, including Bolivia, Bulgaria, Colombia, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Spain, and Uganda. More information about his interests can be found in: