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Horam Phungmayo

PhD student







Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture
Department of Agricultural Economics
Division of Resource Economics
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Research Interests



Trained as an MBA in infrastructure development, Mr Horam’s research interest lies in the public promotion of renewable energy and the development process of the sector. His research investigates the underlying principles for diverging policy instruments for promotion of renewable energy and the factors affecting policy outcome. His works draws from transaction cost economics and positive political theories, focusing on the transactional dimension, to analyze institutional dimensions affecting credibility of governance structure. Broadly, his research interest lies in the works of new institutional economics with a focus on the economics of renewable energy, regulation and regulatory outcome.


Academic Career


01.10 - Present

Doctoral Fellow at the Chair of Resource Economics, Humboldt University of Berlin.


Dissertation Title: Institutions and Emergence of Credible Governance Structure

The Case of Solar Electricity Sector in India.

Project Coordinator: “Solar Powered Schools” pilot project, Sustainable-Hyderabad project. 


  • Coordination of German partners (Humboldt University Berlin, Nexus Institute) and Indian Partners (Steinbeis India, Granzor Engineerings Pvt. Ltd.) from the project planning stage to project completion.
  • Facilitated project proposal drafting and project proposal submission for obtaining 30 % central government subsidy in India. 
  • Project team succeeded in deploying solar photovoltaic systems of 2kW-5kW size in three schools in Hyderabad city as a pilot phase.
Pilot project paper write-up as main author in forthcoming book "Energie und Sonne" 2013, JOVIS publication, Berlin.

01.09 - 06.09

Trainee Consultant, MBA major project (TERI University)

Organisation: Orissa Investment and Export Promotion Office (OIEPO), New Delhi, India.

Task: Assigned to evaluate infrastructure Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Orissa vis-à-vis other Indian states for policy inputs for 2010 government planning for promotion of PPP in Orissa state. 


  • Evaluated the efficiency and effectiveness of the institutional arrangement and regulatory mechanism facilitating Infrastructure PPP in Orissa through semi structured interviews with private and public agencies along with relevant document analysis.
Recommendation of best practices based on the PPP experience and initiative amongst different states.







Academic Background



Humboldt University of Berlin
Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture
Since January, 2010.




TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi, India.

Award of Degree: June 2009




Delhi University, India.

Award of Degree: September 2005 


Other Activities





  • Horam, P., (2013). Decentralized renewable energy production in India: the case of solar electricity sector in India. Concept presentation in Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply international conference, Berlin. Technical University Berlin, Germany 27 Feb. - 1 March, 2013.
  • Horam,P., Rommel, K. (2011). Public promotion of solar energy in India. Paper presented at International Workshop on European Metropolises and Indian Mega Cities, Centre for Metropolitan studies, Technical University Berlin, Germany 08 July.
  • Horam, P., Hagedorn, K. (2011). Institutions and emergence of credible governance structure: The case of India's solar energy sector. Paper presentation at Humboldt India Project Workshop, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany 21 June.
  • Horam,P., Hagedorn. K. (2010). Institutions and regulatory commitment:  the case of solar photovoltaic electricity sector in Andhra Pradesh.  Paper presented at DAAD Young Researchers Symposium, Essen, Germany, 09-10 October.




· DAAD Scholarship Award for PhD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst),

· Student Placement Co-ordinator, TERI University, New Delhi, India.

· Editor: ‘Khanrin’ Monthly publication, Tangkhul Student Union, Delhi University.




  • Horam, P., Jain, A., & Werthmann, C. (2013). Solar powered Schools for Hyderabad/ India- an attempt for decentralized energy production. In Born, L (ed.), Energie und Sonne: BMBF Megacity Project. Manuscript accepted for publication. Berlin: Jovis.
  • Horam, P., Rommel, K. (2013). Institutional environment and credibility of public promotion of renewable energy- Lesson’s from India’s on grid solar energy management in Gujarat state. Manuscript submitted for publication. ISM Research Journal, ISM Dortmund, Germany.