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Dissertation of Ulan Kasymov

Designing Institutions in a Post-socialist Transition Process: Local institutions regularizing access to and management of pasture resources at local level in Kyrgyzstan

Start: April 10
End: April 13

I. Research question 1) To analyze access to key natural resources - Who has access to key natural resources? - What is the trend? - What is the role of formal and informal institutions play for access to and use of natural resources 2) To analyse institutional context at local and national level - How did the institutional context change during the transition period? - What are the relevant formal and informal institutions? 3) To define pathways for strengthening the institutional context for more sustainable use of natural resources and mountain development - Which are important institutions that should be strengthened and how? - Which mechanisms could strengthen the institutional cooperation at different levels, between sectors? - How the new created local institutions could be better integrated in the district and national political settings? At centre of the study is the analysis of institutions responsible for natural resource management and their interactions. Therefore research will use interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach considering different sectors (pasture, water, energy etc.) and different levels (local, regional and national). II. Expected research outputs: 1. Analytical overview of the institutional contexts 2. Practical recommendations on strengthening the institutional context.

Researcher: Kasymov, Ulan

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Advisors: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Hagedorn Prof. Dr. Jamgyrbek Bokoshov

Funding: Erasmus Mundus Program

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