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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Resource Economics

Projects in Process

  • CARB-ASIA: Development of methods to assess carbon stocks and improve climate reporting of agricultural ecosystems in Central Asia  

  • CRISSI: Revitalizing Civil Society for Robust Island Systems: Social Innovation through the Enhancement of Local Capacities

  • FoReSee: Fossil Resource markets and climate policy: Stranded assets, Expectations and the political Economy of climate change

  • INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL AGREEMENTS: Strategic interactions and possibilities for cooperation in climate change negotiations

  • KEEP COOL: The board game on climate change

  • KEEP COOL east: Planspielbasierte Bildung zu erneuerbaren Energien in Deutschland und Osteuropa

  • PostFossil: A just transition to a post fossil society

  • Social Cohesion in times of changing Climates

  • TransformAdapt: From Mainstreaming to transformative adaptation to climate change



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