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Dr. Roggero awarded a travel grant by Fritz Thyssen Foundation

The Fritz Thyssen Foundation supports research addressing the effects of global change on society and the economy. Along this line, Dr. Matteo Roggero was awarded a travel grant to conduct fieldwork in Greece in Fall 2019, focusing on the diffusion of sustainability practices after the crisis. The grant will allow Dr. Roggero to conduct interviews in several island communities in the Cyclades. These share a strong reliance on agriculture and tourism, but differ on about everything else. Throughout the economic crisis, in-migration from mainland Greece to the Cyclades was very strong. Newcomers have contributed to a flourishing of social and environmental sustainability practices – from organic farming to sustainable tourism. Dr. Roggero intends to collect qualitative evidence concerning what aspects of the local communities facilitated this process, and what aspects instead constituted a barrier. This research contributes to a broader agenda on sustainability, common pool resources, and island communities by the Resource Economics Group, next to the CRISSI project by Dr. Zikos and a student group on socio-ecological resilience in the Cyclades led by Dr. Roggero.


Traditioneller Weinanbau auf Santorini

Photo: Wikipedia (Author: „seligmanwaite“)
Photo: Wikipedia (Author: „seligmanwaite“)