Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Economics of Agricultural Cooperatives

Doctoral Theses


Current Theses:

Aicha Mechri The changing role of cooperatives in modern agricultural markets: a value chain perspective (working title)
Anke Wolff  
Katrin Martens  
Malte Müller Performance, Behavior and Cooperation: Essays in the Economics of Agricultural Producer Organizations (working title)
Margitta Minah The role and effects of cooperatives in rural transformation in Africa: Analyzing the effects of income, inclusiveness and resource use (working title)
Marleen Thürling Sozialgenossenschaften in Deutschland: ein tragfähiges Modell zur Erbringung sozialer Dienste und kommunaler Aufgaben? (working title)

Carla Dohmwirth

Women, Collective Action and Empowerment - An Economic Approach (submitted)

Rajeshwari Siddapura Mallegowda

An institutional and economic analysis of vegetable production and marketing in the emerging megacity of Hyderabad, India

Completed Theses:

2019 Dr. Agustina Malvido Pérez Carletti Cooperatives and Rural Development: governance, market performance and producers’ participation
2018 Dr. Jakob Müller Development of governance of hybrid organizations: an empirical analysis of energy cooperatives in Germany
2018 Dr. Saikumar C. Bharamappanavara Collective action in rural versus urban group based microcredit organisations: Lessons from the Greater Hyderabad Area
2017 Dr. Ziming Liu Understanding the multiple implementation outcome of the land shareholding cooperative system reform in China
  Dr. Julian Sagebiel Discrete choice modeling for electricity quality – Empirical evidence and methodical advances
2015 Dr. Jens Rommel Institutions, Behavior, and the Environment: An experimental approach


Dr. Florian Roßwog

Finanzintermediation durch Spar- und Kreditgenossenschaften in Mexiko: Eine Analyse der Integration in die Bankenaufsicht und behördliche Regulierung


Dr. Jennifer Meyer-Ueding

Does participatory and collective governance promote sustainable decisions? Theoretical explanations and lessons from the megacity of Hyderabad



Dr. Zakir Hussain Shaik

Dynamics of peri-urban agricultural development and farmers’ adaptive behavior in the emerging megacity of Hyderabad, India


Dr. Nana Afranaa Kwapong

Making rural services work for the poor: The role of Uganda´s service reforms in marketing and agricultural extension

2011 Dr. Johanna Speer

Participatory Governance, Accountability, and Responsiveness: A Comparative Study of Local Public Services in Rural Guatemala