Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - ValueSeC Project


1. Competence network

A joint competence network for value chain research and climate change adaptation will be established among Higher education institutions, government bodies, extension services and civil society organizations.

2. Staff and student exchange

Partnership among HEIs will be strengthened, and staff and students will be equipped with new tools: Problem based learning (PBL), participatory action research (PAR) and interdisciplinary approaches.

3. Revision of study curricula and development of training material

The curricula at participating HEIs will be revised in order to integrate issues related to
food value chains (FVCs), climate change, food security and poverty reduction.

4. Training workshops

Sessions will deepen lecturers’ and students’ knowledge in interdisciplinary approaches and cross-cutting issues like FVCs, climate change, food security and poverty reduction issues.

5. Marketing and Publicity and an interactive internet platform (Moodle) support communication among stakeholders and with external users.

Publications include conference papers, leaflets, and posters. Symposia are organized to present and to discuss results and experiences with stakeholders.

6. Project visibility

The research results will be published and disseminated among stakeholders, local institutions, professional bodies and other parties concerned.