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Prof. Dr. Christine Bauhardt - Foto Prof. Dr. Christine Bauhardt

Main areas of research: Societal relationships to nature and gender, feminist economic critique, migration and urban development




Article publication - Ecofeminist perspectives on the socio-ecological transformation of the Green New Deal

The "European Green Deal" and similar (infrastructure) investment-oriented policies aim to achieve green growth. However, they do not take into account the necessities of social reproduction. This, however, would be a prerequisite for a policy that puts people's needs first. Link to download by clicking on the headline.



Der Lila-Podcast: Prof. Bauhardt guests in podcast

8 hours of work, 8 hours of free time, 8 hours of sleep - for many, this is the ideal for their everyday lives. But it doesn't work out that easily, recreation and free time fall by the wayside, people run after unfinished to-do lists and collapse exhausted at some point. In other words, the capitalist system in which we live and work is anti-human.
From minute 20:30, Prof. Bauhardt discusses the subject.



Translation available! The text about the Green New Deal has been translated to Turkish: In: Kültür ve Siyasette Feminist Yaklaşımlar 43/2022 (dt.: Feministische Konzepte in Kultur und Politik 43/2022)



Christine Bauhardt (2022): Ecofeminist Political Economy: Critical Reflections on the Green New Deal. In: Post-Capitalist Futures: Paradigms, Politics, and Prospects (Samuel Alexander, Sangeetha Chandrashekeran, Brendan Gleeson)


Christine Bauhardt (2022): For More Than Forty Years on the Bookshelves: The Death of Nature – A Tribute to Carolyn Merchant. In: Ethics and the Environment 27 (1) 22, 1-16.


Curriculum Vitae

  • Winter term 18/19 Senior Fellow at DFG Kolleg Postwachstumsgesellschaften at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena.

  • Summer term 2014 visiting Professor at Klara Marie Faßbinder für Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung am Fachbereich VI -- Raum- und Umweltwissenschaften -- der Universität Trier

  • Summer term 2013 research fellow at the Gender Institute, London School of Economics

  • 2006-2008 - Speaker for the Center of transdisciplinary Gender Studies, Humboldt- Universität zu Berlin

  • Since 2005 - Professor of Gender and Globalisation, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

  • 2003 -Habilitation at tthe Faculty of Spacial Planning, Universität-Dortmund


Book publications (selection)

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Recent Essays

  • 2019 - Nature, care and gender. Feminist Dilemmas. In: Feminist Political Ecology and the Economics of Care: In Search of Economic Alternatives. Routledge Studies in Ecological Economics. London: Routledge. (Hg., gem. mit Wendy Harcourt)

  • 2017 - Living in a Material World. Entwurf einer queer-feministischen Ökonomie. In: Gender (1) 2017, S. 99-114

  • 2014 - Solutions to the Crisis? Green New Deal, Degrowth, and Solidarity Economy: Alternatives to the Capitalist Growth Economy from a Feminist Economics Perspective.  In: Ecological Economics 102 (2014), pp. 60-68

  • 2013 - Rethinking gender and nature from a material(ist) perspective: Feminist economics, queer ecologies and resource politics. In: European Journal of Women's Studies 20 (4), pp. 361-375

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