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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Gender And Globalisation

    Suse Brettin


Since the Summer Semester 2013: Student assistant at the department




Brettin, Suse & Meike Brückner (2017): Rezension. Wendy Harcourt und Ingrid L. Nelson (Hrsg.): Practising Feminist Political Ecologies. Moving Beyond the ›Green Economy‹; Vandana Shiva: Jenseits des Wachstums. Warum wir mit der Erde Frieden schließen müssen. In: Feministische Studien 2/2017

Brettin, Suse & Meike Brückner (2017): Meal Sovereignty: Empirical Insights on an Innovative Perspective. International Colloquium: The Future of Food and Challenges for Agriculture in the 21st Century: Debates about who, how and with what social, economic and ecological implications we will feed the world. Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain (Conference Paper)